June 2010: #4 Celebrity Workout / Celebrity Diet

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usherabs1 June 2010: #4 Celebrity Workout / Celebrity Diet

The Usher OMG Abs Workout

Usher uses a circuit routine to develop the washboard abs for which he is famous.

Here’s a sample at Usher’s ab workout:

The Usher OMG Abs Workout

At least three times per week, Usher completes this abs workout. He does a move for 30 seconds, then, after a 10-second rest, runs on the treadmill for two minutes. He repeats with the next movement until he’s done with each exercise. His goal: Five circuits in less than an hour.

Incline Resistance Ball Plank
In a push-up position place your hands on top of the resistance ball. Make sure hands are shoulder width apart, feet are securely balanced on the floor and glutes are not positioned higher than your shoulders. Balance and hold this position for 30 seconds. Breathing is instrumental to maintaining balance. Run on treadmill for 2 minutes with a speed level of 5.4 (adjust levels as needed). After 10 second recovery, repeat. Goal is to complete three sets of this series.

TCW says: Make sure you contract your entire core while completing this exercise.  You should squeeze your glutes and obliques and brace your entire mid section for this plank.  If 30 seconds is too easy, adjust accordingly.  You may also want to play around with the speeds on the treadmill.  Try to challenge yourself and improve each time you do this workout.

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