93590375 katy1 Katy Perry Stays Hot by Jumping Rope fitness tips celebrity workouts celebrity fitness Last night on American Idol, “I Kissed a Girl” singer Katy Perry showed of her skills as a critic, but music is not the only thing Katy is known for. Katy is also recognized for her hot body, and has a fun and accessible workout that anyone can try.

In order to workout for her grueling tours, Katy Perry enjoys jumping rope. She says, “I hate working out, but I love jumping rope.” “There’s a rhythm. It’s like dancing.” And Katy’s performance skills rival her jump roping skills. “I can double jump; I can cross. I can do all of it. I look like Rocky when I jump rope.”

Katy Perry jumps rope for up to half an hour straight and keeps herself going by listening to Madonna. “There’s so much to listen to but Madonna is so inspiring. She’s like the energizer bunny and one-ups everybody, and she’s 50. I think, wow, if you can do it, I can do it.”

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Zoe Saldana is quite possibly one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood right now. Even with her Avatar fame, she has managed to keep a low profile. We already mentioned that Zoe is into Pilates, but we know you love her and want more info about her diet and exercise. We even have one of her favorite recipes to share with you.

Zoe Saldana Respects Her Body

Zoe Saldana focuses on health, not dropping pounds, when she does a workout. Zoe told Self the importance of not making appearance the end goal, saying “you really have to nurture your body.” “I have a lot of respect for people who do it, because it’s a lifestyle.” Further, “I don’t like when my body feels exhausted or full or just tired and mistreated. My trainer really is respectful, but also pushy–I’m very stubborn and very dominant and, so that’s the only way that I get to really give in. [Read More about Zoe Saldana]

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This week marks the final chapter in our series about favorite celebrity diets for spring. Celebrities use these diets to cleanse toxins, promote weight loss, and maintain their Hollywood bodies. Check out all the celebrity diets we explained and figure out which works best in your life!

This Week: Macrobiotic Diet

This week’s celebrity diet is the Macrobiotic Diet. A Macrobiotic Diet is a lifestyle as opposed to a diet plan. Followers eat mostly natural, organic, plant-based foods and embrace “Zen-like” spirituality in their lives and food choices. Celebrity fans of the diet include Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and Joe Pesci.

Macrobiotic Diet originated in Japan and combines elements of Zen Buddhism with a Western-style vegetarian diet. In addition to providing food recommendations, a Macrobiotic Diet promotes spiritualism transcending lifestyle, attitude, and diet routines. The Macrobiotic Diet supports the Eastern philosophy of attaining balance of yin and yang. To achieve this balance, foods are paired based on their sour, sharp, salty, sweet, and bitter qualities. Yin foods are cold, sweet, and passive, whereas yang foods are hot, salty, and aggressive. Other foods are prohibited because they contain toxins or are too far on either end of the yin/yang spectrum, making optimal Zen-like balance difficult to achieve.

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easports 300x241 Celebrity Charity Event and EA Sports Support March of Dimes workout products fitness news celebrity fitness EA Sports Active has teamed up with 18 celebrities to help raise money for the March of Dimes.  Several TV and film stars are auctioning off an autographed Nintendo Wii system and their own personal workout with the system.  Bidding starts at $200 for each package (estimated value of $500) over at CharityBuzz.com, an organization devoted toward allowing celebrities to devote themselves to special causes.  The March of Dimes auction runs through February 10th, 2010.

Celebs who are involved in the project include CSI: New York‘s AJ Buckley, Flash Forward‘s Christine Woods, soap star Galen Gering and Greg Vaughan, former American Idol contestant Ace Young, Doritos Girl Ali Landry, and Access Hollywood‘s Nancy O’Dell.

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Top 25 Celebrity Summer Bodies – Females (20-16)

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Megan Fox, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Courteney Cox, Rihanna, and Cameron Diaz are numbers 20-16 on the Women’s Health Top 25 Summer Bodies list.

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Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo’s Workout and Diet

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Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo uses an intense core workout and eats an “energy diet” to stay fit.

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Lost Star Evangeline Lilly’s Enviable Arms

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Evangeline Lilly uses body weight exercises adapted from yoga to create toned arms.

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Robert Pattinson’s Workout Plan

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Robert Pattinson has received a lot of attention for his shirtless scenes in Twilight: New Moon and Remember Me. Here’s how he got the abs.

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