University of North Carolina Tarheels Interlocking NC logo.svg  300x239 Train Your Core Like the North Carolina Tarheels workout routines celebrity workouts athlete workouts The college basketball season is now into full swing. The University of North Carolina Tarheels has annually had one of the best college basketball programs for many reasons having produced great players like Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Vince Carter, Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace, Tyler Hansbrough, and even Julius Pepppers, who now plays in the NFL.  One of those reasons is their training program.  Created by UNC strength and conditioning coach, Jonas Sahratian, the “Medicine Ball 200 Workout” helps the players strengthen their core, burn fat, and improve their sports performance. The 200 meaning the number of repetitions performed. There’s also a “Medicine Ball 400 Workout” as well.

What’s great about this workout program is that it can be a standalone workout or you can couple it with your own training program – say after finishing your normal routine. Also, you need nothing more than a medicine ball of the 6-, 8-, or 10-pound variety.

As demonstrated at Men’s Health, do 20 repetitions of each exercise in the order shown. Complete the routine as a circuit, doing 1 set of each movement in succession and without resting.

1. Big Circles Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, hold a medicine ball with your arms extended directly above your head [A]. Without bending your elbows, rotate your arms counterclockwise [B], using the ball to draw large imaginary circles in front your body [C, D]. One circle is one rep. Do 10 reps in one direction, then do 10 reps in the other direction.

2. Woodchopper Stand with your feet just beyond shoulder-width apart. With your arms nearly straight, hold a medicine ball above your head [A]. Now bend forward at your waist and mimic throwing the ball backward between your legs — but hold on the ball the entire time [B]. Quickly reverse the movement with the same intensity, and return to the starting position. That’s 1 repetition.

3. Standing Russian Twist Hold a medicine ball with both hands in front of your chest and your arms straight [A]. Without dropping your arms, pivot on your right foot and rotate the ball and your torso as far as you can to the left [B]. Then reverse direction: Pivot on your left foot and rotate all the way to the right. That’s 1 repetition.

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Erin Andrews and the top 10 celebrity workouts and celebrity diets for the month of May 2010.

Our top 10 celebrity workouts and celebrity diets of May 2010.

 Top 10 Posts of May 2010 celebrity fitness 10) Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo’s Workout and Diet

Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo uses an intense core workout and eats an “energy diet” to stay fit.

 Top 10 Posts of May 2010 celebrity fitness 9) Blake Lively’s Gossip Worthy Workout for Green Lantern

Gossip Girl Blake Lively improved her diet and workout for her upcoming role in the movie Green Lantern.

 Top 10 Posts of May 2010 celebrity fitness 8) NCIS Star Chris O’Donnell’s Workout

NCIS star Chris O’Donnell uses a diverse workout regimen, including weight training, interval training, and outdoor sports to keep himself physically fit.

 Top 10 Posts of May 2010 celebrity fitness 7) Erin Andrews’ Dancing with the Stars Workout

Erin Andrews had to workout to prepare for Dancing with the Stars – now she has to change her diet to stop losing weight!

 Top 10 Posts of May 2010 celebrity fitness 6) Nicole Scherzinger’s Dancing with the Stars Diet

Nicole Scherzinger runs and dances to workout and eats a diet including healthy snacks like Kashi granola bars and apples with peanut butter.
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kristen bell you again1 Kristen Bell Stays Slim, Even When in Rome celebrity diets Although it is tough to resist pasta and gelato in Italy, When in Rome star Kristen Bell manages to stay fit and healthy. “I remind myself how much better I feel when I’m eating better foods and have the adrenaline and endorphins from exercising.”

As far as diet is concerned, Kristen is an animal-rights supporter and became a vegetarian at age 11. Although Kristen was only a kid when she gave up meat, her mom was a nurse and made sure she didn’t miss out on nutrition. Kristen realizes, “It’s not just protein you might lose out on; it’s magnesium and zinc and other things animals provide. I try to eat more fresh foods than processed ones, and the grainiest bread possible.” Kristen also finds it “comforting to count calories” because it makes her conscious of what she puts in her body.

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Post image for Home Run Derby Workout – Nick Swisher, Vernon Wells, Miguel Cabrera, David Ortiz

The Major League Baseball Home Run Derby, set for Monday night at 8PM on ESPN, will feature eight of the game’s premier sluggers.  This year’s AL contestants – Nick Swisher, Miguel Cabrera, David Ortiz, and Vernon Wells will take on their NL counterparts – Matt Holliday, Corey Hart, Hanley Ramirez, and Chris Young at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.

All of the hitters have been dedicated to their off-season workout programs to get themselves in the best shape possible for the grind of the 162 game MLB season.  Each of the stars has his own unique way of incorporating strength and conditioning into his workout routine.  First we will take a look at the training tips that helped the American League sluggers earn a spot in this year’s Home Run Derby.

Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher, who won the fan’s voting to be selected to his first All-Star Game and first Home Run Derby, currently has 15 home runs.  He was named one of the Top 5 “Biggest Losers” of the offseason on MLB Hot Stove Live after he started boxing as part of his off-season workout and conditioning and lost 12 pounds.  It was Swisher’s girlfriend, actress Joanna Garcia, that suggested boxing to the Yankee’s outfielder.

“It’s amazing to see the correlation with the hips and the core and everything from baseball to boxing,” Swisher told USA Today. “I enjoyed it a lot.”

Actually enjoying your workout will help you stay motivated and see results quicker.  Swisher hasn’t like every workout he has attempted.  “I’ve tried yoga,” Swisher said in New York Times interview.  “Not for me.”

Swisher has also participated in some more unconventional off-season strength and conditioning programs.  A few years ago he skipped out on the fancy gyms and spent the winter training in an Ohio barn.  “This is not Bally’s or Chelsea Piers,” said Bill Fry, the owner of the center. “We do some different stuff out here, some crude stuff. This is more like Rocky in Russia, running through Siberia and hitting sides of beef.”  “Nick Swisher chopped trees. He leveled walls. He busted concrete. When there were no trees or walls or concrete left, he found a monster-truck tire, and he whaled away on that. And after he was finished, he had gained 20 pounds.”

“I put in so much work,” Swisher said. “I transformed my swing, I transformed my body, and I transformed my mind.”

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“How Do You Know” Star Reese Witherspoon’s YogaHop Workout

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Reese Witherspoon has always loved running, but her new favorite workout is yoga at YogaHop!

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Rihanna Stays Healthy And Fit With A No-Carb Diet And Fresh Workouts

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23-year-old R&B star Rihanna has been lighting up stages across the world this summer on her Loud tour. But Rihanna has been attracting attention offstage as well, most recently with her controversial Tweet about her shoot for Esquire Magazine: “I shot my first cover yesterday with Russell James… not much preparation: just wax and starve!” [...]

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World Cup Soccer Workout: Tim Howard

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Tim Howard, goalkeeper for the United States, shares his soccer workout for building world class agility.

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What’s New in Celebrity Diets and Celebrity Workouts

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The week that was in celebrity workouts and diets including info on Kellen Lutz, Daniel Radcliffe, Paris Hilton, Kate Gosselin, LL Cool J, Matthew Morrison, Russell Brand, Ryan Seacrest, and Chris Daughtry

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