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True Blood returns for its third season tonight on HBO.  The return of True Blood also means that one of our favorite fit celebrities is back on TV: Ryan Kwanten (who plays Jason Stackhouse), whom we’ve already listed as one of the fittest celebrities you don’t know.

I’m somewhat of a masochist at heart. I like to sweat. I come from a very competitive sporting background—my dad was a world-champion surfer—so it’s always been a part of my DNA.

Despite having one of the best bodies in the business, Ryan Kwanten did not get his physique in the gym. Indeed, he started boxing as a teenager (and became state championship in the welterweight division for the 13-15 age group).

Since then he’s done just about every physical activity to keep himself in shape. Soft-sand running, hiking, surfing, triathlons, biking, swimming (in the Pacific Ocean) are just some of the ways he achieves “muscle confusion.” He adds, “The moment you have monotony, your muscles can fall asleep. Variety makes you much more balanced.” Oh, and he’s even a two-time biathlon winner in Los Angeles (2006, 2007).

Because Ryan has such a dynamic and evolving method for staying fit, he has no need for a specific workout. Instead, you can evolve your workout and diet routine to be like that of Ryan Kwanten on True Blood by following these tips.
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Last week we saw how True Beauty host Vanessa Minnillo prepared for the beach this summer with a detailed look at her bikini body workout.  Today, we are back with more on Vanessa and the workout playlist that keep her motivated in the gym.

“I love songs that get me pumped and ready to go during a workout, “ says the former host of MTV’s Total Request Live.

Vanessa Minnillo shared her workout playlist with Self magazine.  Here’s what’s currently playing on her iPod.

Black Eyed Peas – “Boom Boom Pow”
Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.”
OutKast – “B.O.B”
N.E.R.D. – “She Wants to Move”
Foo Fighters – “Best of You”
Kings of Leon – “Use Somebody”
Timbaland – “Throw It on Me”
Saul Williams – “List of Demands”
Madonna – “Like a Virgin”
‘N Sync – “Bye Bye Bye”

That’s quite a mix of songs right there.  But staying motivated in the gym is all about your tastes and what works for you.  Some people find it easier to get motivated with pop songs, while some need hard driving rock songs.   You may like different types of music for different types of workouts.  We always like to see what other people are listening to in the gym to get some ideas for ourselves.  Sometimes you will surprise yourself by what music gets you pumped up and moving through your workout.
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Tim Howard Soccer Workout

Today, we continue our look at the 2010 World Cup and the soccer workout routines of the United States National Team stars with a review of U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard and his agility workout.  Howard who suffered a rib injury in the United States opening round match with England says he will be ready to play this Friday when the U.S. takes on Slovenia in pool play.

Men’s Health recently revealed the training secrets of four members of the U.S. squad, including those of Howard, with soccer workout plans for endurance, strength, speed and agility.  Our previous post featured the endurance training Clint Dempsey used to prepare for the World Cup.

Howard, who plays for Everton in the English Premier League focuses his training on speed, balance, and range of motion for his soccer workout routine. “Tim has to be able to shift his body weight and throw himself in any direction, without any preparation,” says Steve Tashjian, fitness coach for Everton.

“I’m constantly strengthening my core because that’s what gives me the ability to react faster and the stability to control my body better,” says the 31 year-old keeper.  Tim Howard also does explosive lifting, jumping drills using a Verti-Max and lots of boxing.  “Sparring accelerates my hand speed, improves my footwork, and makes my punching more powerful,” says Howard.

Test Your Agility

Tashijian recommends using the T-test to measure your agility.  Here’s how to do it:

Set up markers in a T configuration, 10 yards for the stem and 5 yards out to each side. Ask a friend to time you. Start at the base of the T, sprint to the top, side-shuffle to the left, side-shuffle all the way (10 yards) to the right, side-shuffle back to the middle, and backpedal to the start.

Average – more than 12 seconds
Great – 10 to 12 seconds
World Class – less than 10 seconds (Howard does it in 9.6)

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Celebrity diets are always changing, making it tough to figure out what creates the celebrity glow. Oftentimes, our favorite stars use crazy diets, making us wonder how effective they can actually be.

Recently we reported on the effectiveness of three crazy celebrity diets – including the Baby Food Diet, used by Jennifer Aniston and touted by personal trainer Tracy Anderson, the Facial Analysis Diet, and the Coconut Diet. Today we bring you three more crazy celebrity diets, covered by That’s Fit, and give you the inside scoop on whether they work.

Master Cleanse – Beyonce

Beyonce used the Master Cleanse to lose weight for her role in Dream Girls. This diet, also known as the Lemon Cleanse or Maple Syrup Diet, involves drinking maple syrup, lemon juice, water, and cayenne pepper concoctions for several days. This diet severely restricts calories and is extremely low in nutrients – not a good idea to follow. Beyonce herself said she wouldn’t recommend people try the diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet – Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Cabbage Soup Diet involves eating soup all the time. A celebrity follower of the diet is Sarah Michelle Gellar. Although generally soup can be tasty, this diet involves eating a watery mixture of cabbage, peppers, onions, and celery for seven days! Once again, the weight loss results from calorie restriction, and once the diet ends, the weight comes back on.

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World Cup Soccer Workout: Clint Dempsey

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U.S. National Team midfielder, Clint Dempsey, runs upwards of 8 miles per game and shares his soccer workout plan for building endurance.

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Steve Harvey Rides His Bike

Actor and comedian Steve Harvey appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday morning to tell us about his unique fitness plan for the new year. “This is what I’ve got to do.  I’ve got to really encourage people about their fitness,” said Harvey.  We always make these resolutions at the beginning of the year.  And so [...]

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Top 10 Workout and Diet Posts of June 2010

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The top 10 celebrity workouts and celebrity diets for June 2010 focus on Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, The U.S. Men’s Soccer Team, Victoria’s Secret Models, Usher, Anna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten, and Kellan Lutz, as well as crazy celebrity diets and the best celebrity vegetarian options.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Erin Andrews, Nicole Scherzinger, Chris O’Donnell, Blake Lively, Ellen Pompeo, and more!

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Lebron James Truly is King of the NBA

Lebron James is fresh off two huge victories in the last week over Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers and Dwayne Wade’s Miami Heat, further cementing his claim to the title of NBA’s Best Player – and perhaps the NBA’s best athlete.   The Cavs took down the Lakers last Thursday behind Lebron’s 37 effort and then [...]

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