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Burlesque, starring Christina Aguilera, hits theaters on November 24th, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. In honor of the pop-sensation (and with respect towards your waistline considering the impending damage of the holiday season), I bring you Christina Aguilera’s top-6 workout tips, straight from Glamour magazine!

1. Ladies, Don’t be Afraid of Heavy Weights! Tee Sorge, Christina’s trainer for over three years, says, “Christina does biceps curls with 15-pound dumbbells and chest presses with 20-pounders.” “She knows they’re not going to bulk her up. What they will do is help build lean muscle that kicks up your metabolism and make your body burn more calories each day–so you’ll lose weight faster.”

2. Toss in Some Cardio. “I throw in a minute or two of jumping rope, stair climbing or boxing after every few toning moves Christina does to keep her heart rate up and really maximize the number of calories she burns.”

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Like her Glee co-star Lea Michele, Naya Rivera always looks fantastically fit on her hit musical comedy. Naya Rivera plays Santana, the manipulative and promiscuous Cheerio and glee club member. Although her character is a bit mean-spirited, the real-life star claims she is more like the Gleeks.

She recently told Fitness magazine, “In high school I was most like Artie and Rachel. I knew what I wanted, like Rachel, although I wasn’t as obnoxious. But like Artie, I was a nerd, always trying to fit in and get my hair to lie flat.”

Also like her Glee co-stars, Naya Rivera gets in a workout during her Glee rehearsals. The cast works 14 to 16 hour days, which includes mastering high-energy dance routines. Check out what else the Glee star told Fitness magazine about her workout and diet!

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Dear John, the Nicholas Sparks romance adapted for the big screen, knocked the blockbuster sci-fi hit Avatar from its number one spot while taking in 30.5 million on its opening weekend.  With Channing Tatum taking the lead in the hottest new film in the U.S. let’s take a look at his workout and diet regimen.

Tatum’s Workout:

“With Channing, we followed a 3 day on 1 day off cycle with each session consisting of high intensity, calisthenic based full body circuit workouts which lasted no more than 30 minutes each. We used absolutely NO machines, simply dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a jump rope!” says Tatum’s trainer, William Harris.

Day 1 (5 sets for time as fast as possible)

10 Pullups, 30 Kettlebell swings, 50 Walking lunges

Day 2 (7 sets for time as fast as possible)

150 Rope Skips, 15 Clean and Jerks

Day 3 (3 sets done as fast as possible)

100 Mountain Climbers, 75 Pushups, 50 Situps, 25 Box Jumps

Day 4


“Notice how over the course of a 3 day cycle every major muscle group was targeted, however we did ZERO isolation moves. While Channing’s workouts did systematically allow for proper cycles of work, rest, and recovery, there was not a set “routine”. Routine is the enemy! I say that because in order to maintain consistent change and progress, you can not allow the body to plateau,” says Harris.

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George Eads 300x271 CSIs Eads Hits the Gym to Rehab Back role preparation celebrity workouts CSI’s George Eads is on the cover of the latest Men’s Fitness magazine and shares his story about how he stays in shape for his role as tough guy investigator Nick Stokes on the popular crime drama.  Here are some highlights from the MF article:

  • Last year Eads had a spinal fusion to repair a broken back that he unknowingly had for nearly 13 years.
  • As a man accustomed to an active lifestyle Eads admits he thought his life was over when he found out he needed the surgery but he says “Amending your lifestyle is sobering.  And working out has become my solace.  The gym made me not give up.”
  • Post-op Eads spent a lot of time in the pool to help speed up recovery and also hired a personal chef.
  • Today he works out 4 days a week doing a combination of weights and cardio, including the stationary bike.  He also takes weekend hikes and had continued with swimming.
  • Eads says of his comeback, “It takes alot of discipline, but discipline equals freedom….I have a responsibility to the fans who tune in every week to stay in shape and to bring it.  Every week.”

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