rachel mcadams book club 5 lg 66594899 Rachel McAdams Stays Fit by Going Green fitness news celebrity fitness Rachel McAdams is known and loved for her hit roles in Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, and The Time Traveler’s Wife, released on DVD Tuesday. You can catch Rachel on the big screen in Sherlock Holmes. How does Rachel land all these hit roles? Surely her infectious smile and award worthy acting chops have something to do with it, but her tiny-waisted and toned body certainly doesn’t hurt. Check out Rachel’s workout and diet!

To stay in shape, Rachel McAdams practices Kundalini yoga every morning. When she is on set she often starts her yoga practice as early as 4:30 A.M. Kundalini yoga is described as one of the more spiritual types of yoga. It goes beyond physical poses, which are very physically intense, and emphasizes breathing, meditation, and chanting. Rachel’s choice of Kundalini yoga is consistent with her overall earth-friendly attitude. She never uses air conditioning, saying, “I can’t live with it. I feel I’m not living in the world.” Rachel also stays fit, and green, by riding her bike and walking everywhere. It always feels great when a workout improves your body and the planet!

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Jersey Shore: JWoww Workout and Diet News

The MTV reality show Jersey Shore returns this week. This time the “guidos” and “guidettes” are hitting Miami Beach for more tanning, drinking, trouble-making, and working out. Indeed, JWoww (Jenny Farley) along with The Situation and DJ Pauly D are known for their smoking hot bodies.

Between the shooting of the first season and the second season of Jersey Shore, JWoww told People that she did not work out at all and that she’d been able to stay in shape because of sleep deprivation and running around for all her publicity events. (We’re not so sure that sleep deprivation is a good way to stay in shape. Quite the contrary, to repair muscle or otherwise rest your body, you should be getting around 8 hours of sleep per night, though this number can vary from person to person.)

However, it looks like JWoww has returned to the gym to work on that smoking body of hers. In particular, she’s been seen in Miami gyms (along with Snooki and Sammi) during the second season. Looks like her workout generally includes some boxing, jump roping, and treadmill running while shooting the second season.

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True Blood: Joe Manganiello Workout and Diet Tips

Joe Manganiello is a new addition to the third season of True Blood. Manganiello, who plays the  werewolf Alcide Herveaux, had to get ripped for his shirtless scenes to stay on par with Anna Paquin and Ryan Kwanten. Fortunately for him – thanks to his naturally muscular body and already-healthy diet, this was (relatively) easier than for most people.

Joe Manganiello Workout

When he started preparing for his True Blood role, Joe Manganiello weighed 240 pounds with 18% body fat. Therefore for him, ” it was about becoming more defined and cutting up the mass [he] already had,” said Manganiello in the August 2010 of Men’s Fitness. He worked out 6 days a week, twice a day! That’s twelve workouts a week!

For three of the days, he used a workout routine created by his physical trainer, Ron Matthews (who helped trained Hugh Jackman for X-Men, which is similar to Jackman’s Wolverine Workout), twice a day, three times per week. Manganiello also trained on his own three more times per week. He’d do his cardio in the mornings, and his strength training in the afternoon.

Here are some of Joe Manganiello’s workout tips, he revealed to the New York Post.
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Post image for Rachel Bilson’s Workout and Diet Plan by David Kirsch

Nostalgic fans of The O.C., rejoice! – Rachel Bilson is finally returning to the small screen this fall, in a lead role for a new CW drama series, Hart of Dixie. Since she was cast as breezy O.C. girl Summer Roberts eight years ago until now, Rachel has fascinated people with her iconic style and petite physique. But with her toned body, Rachel says, comes a balance of diet, exercise, and discipline.

Almost all of Rachel’s fitness regimen – both diet and exercise aspects alike – can be credited to renowned health guru David Kirsch, an advocate of mind-body wellness. Under his carefully crafted fitness training exercise program, Rachel undergoes cardio exercises, lunges, squats, and resistance exercises using equipment like light weights, up to five times a week. The variety of David’s programs is expansive – targeting anything from legs to butt to abs – but one of his most popular is his general 10-Minute Total Body Workout, a quick workout consisting of 3 moves: reverse prone scissors, Spider-Man push ups, and double crunches. Here’s a walk-through for each:

  1. Reverse Prone Scissors:  Lie facedown on the floor, resting your forehead on your hands. Spread your legs so your feet are about a yard apart and flex your feet so the tips of your toes are touching the floor. Squeeze your butt muscles to raise your legs as high as you can off the floor, and bring your heels together until they touch. Hold for 3 counts, then return legs to the starting position.
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Shakira Shows Off Her Abs in Ibiza

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Shakira showed off her abs in Ibiza this week. She got her amazing abs through lots of belly dancing, the Tracy Anderson workout, and a well-balanced diet.

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Josh Holloway’s Five Simple Steps to a Fit Life

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Josh Holloway’s tips for maintaining an effective fitness routine.

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Jason Varitek and Dustin Pedroia Ready for Spring Training

Boston Red Sox players, Jason Varitek and Dustin Pedroia, get ready for the 2010 MLB season.

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Yvonne Strahovski and the Forza Workout

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Yvonne Strahovski from Chuck demonstrates a Forza workout routine.

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