Yvonne Strahovski and the Forza Workout

We recently listed Yvonne Strahovski, who plays agent Sarah Walker on Chuck, as one of The Celebrity Workout’s Top 10 Fittest Celebrities You Don’t Know.

A little while back, Yvonne demonstrated the Forza workout for Self magazine. Forza is a core workout based on samurai swordmanship.  Using a broomstick, bat, a bokken (a Japanese training sword), or other dull object (about 3 feet long), you swing the object as you would a blade to activate your core, shoulders, arms, and legs.

Yvonne admits that she doesn’t normally do Forza. Instead, her workouts include hiking, resistance bands, and core exercises. As for her diet, she simply makes sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and protein, while minimizing carbs. However, this celebrity still manages to teach us how to do Forza ourselves.

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True Blood: Joe Manganiello Workout and Diet Tips

Joe Manganiello is a new addition to the third season of True Blood. Manganiello, who plays the  werewolf Alcide Herveaux, had to get ripped for his shirtless scenes to stay on par with Anna Paquin and Ryan Kwanten. Fortunately for him – thanks to his naturally muscular body and already-healthy diet, this was (relatively) easier than for most people.

Joe Manganiello Workout

When he started preparing for his True Blood role, Joe Manganiello weighed 240 pounds with 18% body fat. Therefore for him, ” it was about becoming more defined and cutting up the mass [he] already had,” said Manganiello in the August 2010 of Men’s Fitness. He worked out 6 days a week, twice a day! That’s twelve workouts a week!

For three of the days, he used a workout routine created by his physical trainer, Ron Matthews (who helped trained Hugh Jackman for X-Men, which is similar to Jackman’s Wolverine Workout), twice a day, three times per week. Manganiello also trained on his own three more times per week. He’d do his cardio in the mornings, and his strength training in the afternoon.

Here are some of Joe Manganiello’s workout tips, he revealed to the New York Post.
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rachel mcadams book club 5 lg 66594899 Rachel McAdams Stays Fit by Going Green fitness news celebrity fitness Rachel McAdams is known and loved for her hit roles in Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, and The Time Traveler’s Wife, released on DVD Tuesday. You can catch Rachel on the big screen in Sherlock Holmes. How does Rachel land all these hit roles? Surely her infectious smile and award worthy acting chops have something to do with it, but her tiny-waisted and toned body certainly doesn’t hurt. Check out Rachel’s workout and diet!

To stay in shape, Rachel McAdams practices Kundalini yoga every morning. When she is on set she often starts her yoga practice as early as 4:30 A.M. Kundalini yoga is described as one of the more spiritual types of yoga. It goes beyond physical poses, which are very physically intense, and emphasizes breathing, meditation, and chanting. Rachel’s choice of Kundalini yoga is consistent with her overall earth-friendly attitude. She never uses air conditioning, saying, “I can’t live with it. I feel I’m not living in the world.” Rachel also stays fit, and green, by riding her bike and walking everywhere. It always feels great when a workout improves your body and the planet!

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Shakira Workout and Diet for Her Abs

Shakira was in Ibiza this week for a photo shoot where she unveiled her amazing abs.

To get that gorgeous midsection, Shakira has been training with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson.  A typical workout (6 days a week) consists of 60 minutes of strength straining and then 40 minutes of cardio dance with new workout routines every 10 days.

In addition, as we know, Shakira includes a lot of belly dancing in her dance routine, which obviously helps her maintain those beautiful abs.  Indeed, lots of celebrities have been using belly dancing to stay fit.  Kaeshi Chai of Bellyqueen provided a few tips to Hollywoodlife on how anyone can workout with belly dancing.

Build a foundation. “Practice the foundation moves of belly dance, which include figure eights, circles, slides and shimmies,” Kaeshi says. “Any contraction utilizing the rectus abdominus (stomach), obliques and quadratus lumborum (side muscles) and back muscles will help tone and exercise the torso region. Most foundation belly dance movements activate the torso muscles of the body.”

Try squeezing your core for 10 seconds at a time throughout the day – when you’re sitting at the computer, watching TV, or standing in line. Do these about 10 times. Repeat throughout the day. As you strengthen your core, you can increase the duration of each rep and/or increase the number of repetitions.

Shakira Workout Tips and Diet

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