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Everyone has experienced days when a busy schedule acted as an excuse to skip the gym. Perhaps your plans to exercise before work were stunted by that pesky snooze button. Or perhaps your post-office workout was prevented by a much more appealing happy hour. But, if you want a body like Kelly Ripa you will have to make exercise a priority. Despite Kelly’s busy schedule – raising a family, hosting Live with Regis and Kelly, and starring in several ads – she always makes time for a daily workout.

Recently, Kelly Ripa told That’s Fit, “I work out every day, and I make sure do something different every day.” “I like to do SoulCycle, Physique 57, and I even like the Tracy Anderson Method. Throw them together, and there you go — I mix them all up.” It certainly can’t hurt that Kelly often has an exercise segment on her show where she gets to try new workout trends. For example, the Forza workout was featured on Live with Regis and Kelly.

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Ryan Kwanten is one of the Fittest Celebrities You Don't Know

Here is The Celebrity Workout’s Top 10 Fittest Celebrities You Don’t Know. Even though many of the following (future) stars appear in popular TV shows and/or movies, many of them are relatively unknown.  In addition, most people don’t realize that these unknowns are some of the fittest celebrities around.

Ryan Kwanten – True Blood

Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, is atop the list of fittest celebrities. He is a former tri-athlete (and L.A. Biathlon winner in 2006 and 2007) and welterweight boxing champ. Ryan Kwanten has one the best celebrity bodies in the business. To maintain his celebrity body, Kwanten does not limit himself to any particular type of workout.  Indeed, his workouts range from body weight exercises, like push ups and pull ups, to yoga and from rope jumping to interval training (HIIT) – Ryan Kwanten does it all.  Check back for more on Ryan Kwanten as Season 3 of True Blood approaches.

Paul Bettany – Legion

A self-described “beer and bread man,” Paul Bettany recently transformed his body in preparation for his role in Legion by altering his metabolism by eating multiple meals per day. In addition, Paul Bettany used circuit training to build muscle fast and to further increase his metabolism.

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Maggie Q – Live Free or Die Hard, Mission: Impossible III

Maggie Q, star of Live Free or Die Hard and Mission: Impossible III, is a vegetarian who does all types of workouts to stay in shape including running, yoga, swimming, boxing, and martial arts.  Indeed, Maggie Q warrants her own article, so be on the lookout for Maggie Q’s own article.

Sean Faris – Vampire Diaries

Sean Faris of the Vampire Diaries is another of the fittest celebrities whose fitness levels are unknown to most.  Previously on TCW, we disclosed how Sean Faris uses workouts to shock the body by mixing up the number of reps (some sets with lots of reps at a low weight and other sets with low reps at a heavy weight).
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jozy altidore workout

Next up in our 2010 World Cup soccer workout series is United States National Team striker Jozy Altidore and his speed trainingMen’s Health recently revealed the soccer workout secrets of four members of the U.S. squad, including those of Jozy Altidore and his teammates Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard and Oguchi Onyewu, with soccer specific training regimens for building endurance, strength, speed, and agility.

Altidore, who is currently on the Hull City roster, on loan from Villareal is one of the premier strikers in the world and his speed training is a testament to his commitment to success.

Jozy Altidore “can run through you, past you, and around you. Jozy’s a monster to contain, whether it’s on the ground or through the air,” says Scott Piri, director of soccer for Athletes’ Performance, which oversees fitness for the U.S. men’s team.

Altidore uses a Bullet Belt while doing sprint exercises, which helps him work on developing explosive strength and quickness in his first step.  “By doing drills that overload the acceleration phase, you train the muscles to be stronger and the nerves to fire faster,” says Piri.

“I need only one step,” says Altidore. “One step–that yard of space–and bang!”  Here’s how to get your soccer workout up to par with Altidore’s.

Test Your Speed

Try this test recommended by Ermanno Rampinini, head of Italy’s Mapei Human Performance Lab.  You’ll need a stopwatch for this test.

Mark out 20 yards on a field. Sprint to that line, bend down to touch it, turn, and sprint back.  Do 6 sprints total, resting for 20 seconds between each. Average your times for your score.

Average – 8 or more seconds
Great – 7-8 seconds
World Class – under 7 seconds

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The 2010 Major League Baseball season kicks off this Sunday night as the defending world champion New York Yankees travel to Fenway Park to take on their biggest rival, the Boston Red Sox.  In the last few months, we’ve already taken a look at some of the off season training programs of other Major Leaguers, including Jason Varitek, Dustin Pedroia, Chase Utley, and the Seattle Mariners.

As one of the most recognizable figures in all of sports, Yankees shortstop and captain Derek Jeter is also dedicated to his fitness.   Since turning 30, Jeter has yet to play in less than 150 games in a season.  Let’s review the workout, first featured in Men’s Health, that keeps the 10-time all-star on the baseball field and performing at his best.

Jumping jacks, arm circles, pushups, lunges, bodyweight squats – 30 seconds each

Do 3 sets of each of the following supersets with 1 minute of rest in between sets.

Superset 1

A) Barbell Squat – 8-12 reps
B) Romanian Deadlift – 8-12 reps

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Ray Allen’s Workout and Diet Have Him and the Boston Celtics Looking for Another Championship

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The Boston Celtics and Ray Allen are looking for their second championship in three years thanks to Allen’s improved workout and diet.

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Oscar Workout: How Celebrities Get Red Carpet Ready

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Celebrity Oscar Red Carpet Workout. A two-week tone-up workout to get you ready for the Red Carpet.

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Glee Star Lea Michele’s Vegetarian Lasagna Roll-up Recipe

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Glee star Lea Michele eats healthily to keep up with her busy schedule. Try her Vegetarian Lasagna Roll-up recipe!

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Jersey Shore: Mike The Situation’s Workout and Diet Tips for Ripped Abs

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Mike The Situation Sorrentino and the Jersey Shore gang hit Miami. A look at The Situations’s workout and diet for getting ripped abs.

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