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Earlier we reviewed the workout programs of the American League participants in this year’s Home Run Derby.  The National League sluggers – Matt Holliday, Corey Hart, Hanley Ramirez, and Chris Young, have plenty of workout advice of their own.  Each of the hitters has dedicated himself to being in peak physical condition for the season and the results are certainly paying off on the field.

Matt Holliday

Matt Holliday is possibly one of the biggest workout fanatics in Major League Baseball.  He was recently featured on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine and is truly dedicated to his physical conditioning and nutrition.  He’s a big fan of the TRX and has been known to fly in his trainer and stretching specialist during the season.

Holliday is on a recent hot streak and hit his 16th home run of the season on Sunday.  He will be competing in his 2nd Home Run Derby.

Check back soon for a full review of Matt Holliday and his workout regimen.

Corey Hart

Wanting to drop some excess weight this off-season, Corey Hart told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he saw an ad for the Insanity workout program and immediately went online to order it.  He reported to spring training 22 pounds lighter after running through the grueling workouts.

“I started seeing results pretty quick, started losing weight and getting in better shape. That made me stick with it,” said the Brewers outfielder.  ”It kills you so you almost have to drink water,” he said. “I didn’t want to die during my workout. It was terrible.

Corey Hart, who hit his 21st homer of the season on Sunday, is in the Home Run Derby for the first time in his career and will play in his 2nd All-Star Game on Tuesday night.

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Sex and the City: Kim Cattrall  Diet

Kim Cattrall is well known as Samantha Jones, the ultimate cougar on the mega-hit HBO series Sex and the City. Although Kim is the sexiest lady the city, she is also the oldest. At age 53, Kim Cattrall provides inspiration for young and old alike, proving that you can stay hot despite your years. Check out Kim in her latest film, The Ghost Writer, which premiers in theaters this weekend.

When it comes to working out, Kim enjoys the overall toning effect of Pilates. More specifically, Kim enjoys Gyro-lates, which is a combination of machine-based Pilates, yoga, dance, swimming, and t’ai chi. Kim also says, “I do easy exercises to lose weight, as much as I can. If I don’t exercise, I feel sluggish. I try to do 30 minutes a day. If I can’t get to a gym, I walk. I find it a release.”

Despite Kim’s workout routine, there is no substitute for a healthy diet when it comes to looking young. Eating healthily improves skin, hair, weight, and overall energy levels. Kim eats a diet of about 2,000 calories per day. She eats vegetables with every meal and drinks plenty of tea, which is known for its anti-aging antioxidants. She also eats healthy oils from sources such as olive oil and fish. When Kim needs to drop a few extra pounds, she says “I stop the bread and alcohol.”

Check out a typical daily diet in the life of Kim Cattrall, as provided to People magazine:

Glass of papaya juice
One multivitamin, plus vitamin C
English muffin with a pat of butter, slice of aged cheddar cheese, fresh tomato slice and sprinkle of kosher salt

Morning Snack
Glass of unsweetened iced tea

Gazpacho with a wedge of French bread
6 oz. filet of braised cod
Small side salad with olive oil dressing
Glass of unsweetened iced tea
Crème caramel for dessert

Afternoon Snack
Can of diet soda

Glass of Chardonnay
Salad with blue cheese dressing
Chicken breast with green beans

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larryfitzgerald Larry Fitzgeralds Explosive Strength Workout workout routines celebrity workouts athlete workouts Few athletes dominate their sport like Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  Having just finished a third straight season with at least 90 receptions, 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns Fitzgerald is looking to lead the Cardinals back to the Super Bowl for the 2nd year in a row.   The Cardinals defeated the Green Bay Packers in a wild 51-45 overtime game last week which saw the All-Pro wide out grab 6 balls, 2 of them for touchdowns.  Fitzgerald will try to put his team back in the NFC Championship game when the Cards take on the New Orleans Saints today.

But what is it that gives Fitzgerald the edge and makes him one of football’s most exciting players?  Here is a look at an explosive strength workout Larry shared with Mens Fitness and uses to give himself the advantage on Sundays.

The Workout

Explosive Box Jumps
Set up a box or aerobics step in front of you, high enough to be challenging, but low enough to be safe. Stand athletically and bend your hips and knees to gather momentum [1]. Explosively jump onto the box and hold for a second [2]. Then step off the box. That’s one rep. Perform six sets of three reps, resting 60 seconds between sets.

Hurdle Drills
Line up a set of hurdles of varying heights, then alternate going over and under them. Maximize the impact on your hips by stepping over the first one (while standing sideways) and bending your entire body under the second. Repeat through the whole line of hurdles. Perform six sets.

Chute Drill
With elastic bands bounding your ankles together, shuffle from side to side, staying low enough to duck under a real or imagined 42-inch high training chute. Work on using your hips on knees rather than bending with your back. Shuffle 15 feet in one direction and then back, using the resistance of the bands to work the leg muscles. That’s one rep. Do eight total.

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Tonight on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars, Nicole Scherzinger competes to out-dance the four remaining couples. Remaining dancers include Chad Ochocinco, Evan Lysacek, and Erin Andrews.

Dancing with the Stars is known to help contestants get in the best shape of their lives. Previously, the show helped Kelly Osbourne drop 42 pounds and got Pamela Anderson into a workout routine. Even bachelor contestant, Jake Pavelka, amped up his workout for the show.

Nicole Scherzinger has always followed a workout routine and eaten a healthy diet. As the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, she had to workout and eat right to prepare for her high energy singing and dancing performances. However, Dancing with the Stars is a bit more grueling that Pussycat Doll practice. Nicole says, “I’m the only person ever to gain weight on the show!” She says, “I’m putting on muscle mass. And all this dancing means I need more food.”

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Samsung Introduces New “Wellness Promoting” Media Player

Samsung has announced the release of a new PMP to debut this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The company’s latest product, the “MyFit” has numerous applications for fitness tracking and goal setting. Plenty of Hollywood’s fit celebs should be running out to purchase one of these new gadgets when they are [...]

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Home Run Derby Workout – Nick Swisher, Vernon Wells, Miguel Cabrera, David Ortiz

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Home Run Derby sluggers Nick Swisher, Vernon Wells, Miguel Cabrera, and David Ortiz use off season workout programs to improve their on-field performance.

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P90X: Hottest Celebrity Workout Product of 2009

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P90X celebrity users include Pink, Demi Moore, Taylor Lautner, Ashton Kutcher, David Akers, Sheryl Crow, Jenny Garth, Matt Diaz.

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Ray Allen’s Workout and Diet Have Him and the Boston Celtics Looking for Another Championship

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The Boston Celtics and Ray Allen are looking for their second championship in three years thanks to Allen’s improved workout and diet.

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