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Who could ever forget the beautiful model for Victoria’s Secret known as Rosie Huntington Whiteley? With a career revolving around her body, Rosie Huntington Whiteley admits in an interview that “the Rosie Huntington Whiteley Diet is extremely necessary for her to keep up her busy modeling and acting lifestyle.”

In her recent role in Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon, Rosie wears a lot of form fitting clothes, as she acknowledged in an interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show. In order to look incredibly fit and seductive while all her curves are being filmed on camera and viewed on the large screens of movie theaters, Rosie sticks to her favorite diet – the Rosie Huntington Whiteley Diet.

The following are tips and directions for the diet:

1. Stay Hydrated

Water is incredibly important, not only for healthy skin and decreasing hunger pangs, but is the “drug of God” according to Rosie. She advises to drink around 2.2 liters of water a day. Her favorite brand of water?  Fiji!

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Mandy Moore New Year's Resolution

Mandy Moore is featured on the cover of this month’s Shape magazine and she vows to start using her home fitness equipment this year and stop letting it collect dust.

Here’s an excerpt from the 25 year-old’s interview with Shape:

For the last year, Mandy has been splitting her workouts between three 45-minute Pilates classes and three 45-minute hikes per week. “I’ve always had bad posture, and Pilates makes me feel taller and reminds me to keep my shoulders back,” she says. “And hiking isn’t just about doing cardio, it’s also when I can get my ‘me time’ to be alone with my thoughts.” This year she’d like to pump up her routines for a more balanced workout each time. “After Pilates I should do some cardio, and after hiking, I need to do some resistance training,” she says. “I have all the equipment in my house, and it’s just collecting dust. So after I get home from Pilates, I’m going to jump on my mini trampoline for 15 minutes. And after a hike, I’ll do some weight lifting or get down on my mat and do a set or two of crunches.”

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Anna Paquin workout

As we mentioned last week, True Blood is back for season 3. That, of course, means the return of Anna Paquin, who stars as the telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse. Yep, Anna Paquin is back – and with a better body than ever.

Anna Paquin has been working hard with her trainer Clay Burwell. Anna’s workouts typically two-hour-long sessions that combine boxing, plyometrics, and strength training.

Self Magazine recently covered Anna Paquin’s Workout, discussed below, which helped her look sexy naked for this season of True Blood.

Anna Paquin True Blood Workout

This workout involves a circuit of 6 different exercises, each of which is done 3 times. Do the first exercise, and immediately move on to the second exercise, and so on. After performing this circuit of 6 exercises. Rest 1-2 minutes. Then repeat the circuit two more times.

“Waist Cincher”

Reps: 30 reps per side (for a total of 60 reps for each circuit).

Starting position: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Cross your right ankle over your left knee. Place your left hand on the back of your head (like you would in a situp). Keep your right arm at your side with right elbow to the ground.

Movement: As you crunch, shift your weight to the right elbow and bring your left elbow toward the right knee. Return to the starting position.

Areas worked: abs and obliques

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gretchen bleiler fitness workout diet

U.S. Snowboarding queen Gretchen Bleiler is the favorite to bring home the gold at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver this month.  She also just might be the hottest Olympian in Vancouver having already appeared in FHM and Maxim.

Already the owner of three X-Games gold medals, including one in 2008 in the halfpipe, and one earlier this year in the superpipe, Bleiler is looking to improve upon her silver medal performance in the women’s halfpipe at the 2006 Olympics in Turin, Italy.

Gretchen has teamed up with four other Olympians and 24 Hour Fitness to create workouts based on their specialties but geared to everyday athletes, according to Josh Lyon, director of fitness for the California-based company.

“We wanted to bring it to the masses,” said Lyon, who is in Vancouver for the games. “These are workouts that our personal trainers can take somebody through. Or they can go online and watch a film or download a PDF.”

Gretchen’s 3-move workout includes synergistic exercises to improve lower body and core strength as well as balance.

Lunge with Medicine Ball

Stand erect while holding a medicine ball straight in front at
shoulder height. Keeping ball at shoulder height, step forward
with right foot at 2 p.m. and do a lunge, then return to
starting position. Repeat with left foot, stepping forward at 10 p.m.
Perform 3 sets of 10 reps per foot.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Claims “I Eat Everything”

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Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t diet or change her workout habits, even for Sex and the City 2.

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Grammy Goddess Beyoncé’s Body Secrets

Beyonce makes each workout fun. This keeps her motivated to reach her career and fitness goals.

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Ashlee Simpson Post-Pregnancy Fitness Tips

Less than three months after giving birth to her daughter, Bronx Mowgli Wentz, Ashlee Simpson has her pre-baby body back and may be looking better than ever.  This is in thanks, of course, to Trainer Mike Alexander, owner of MADfit training studio in Beverly Hills. Here are some tips on how the Melrose Place star [...]

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Anne Hathaway’s Valentine’s Day Booty Workout

Anne Hathaway’s booty workout.

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