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Academy Award winning actress Marisa Tomei is helping to bring the hula-hoop back to the mainstream as part of an effort to introduce fun ways to keep people fit.

Two and half years ago Tomei’s friend asked her to come along to a fitness class that featured heavier adult sized hoops and the actress was immediately hooked.

“You just can’t help but laugh and smile when you’re hooping,” she told the New York Times. These days she hoops several times a week and credits the regimen with helping her get in shape for nude scenes in the 2008 movie “The Wrestler.”

Tomei began working with the fitness company Gaiam last year on the new “Core & Curves” workout video to be released later this month and now available for pre-order at Amazon.  While working on the video Marisa suggested doing another video centered around hooping.  They began shooting in December and the video is due out in May.

“We’re working with Marisa Tomei in potentially the same way that Jane Fonda worked with aerobics,” said William S. Sondheim, president of entertainment and distribution at Gaiam. The collaboration, he said, “may be the catalyst to take hooping from a cottage-based industry status that has been bubbling under for a few years into a significant and new form of fitness.”

“This whole culture has sprung up in the last few years, and there’s no reason to think it won’t continue,” said Philo Hagen, who helped found the Web site in 2003. The site, which started as a part-time gig but is now Mr. Hagen’s full-time job, gets 20,000 to 40,000 unique visitors each week, some of whom organize meet-ups in public parks.

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Tonight, while watching the Golden Globe red-carpet, I learned that Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman each lost 20-pounds to prepare for their roles in Black Swan. Mila Kunis divulged that her routine required a strict diet and 5-hour workouts, 7-days per week. Curious about the true details, I did some research and found an interview with Mary Helen Bowers, the dance instructor who trained Natalie Portman for the role.

Check out what Mary Helen Bowers told Elle magazine about Natalie’s workout!

How did you get Natalie Portman ready for her close-up?
I took my program, which combines mat work, cardio, and ballet and created a customized version for her. On the one hand, we wanted her to look the part so that her character was believable—ballerinas have obvious physical markers like long, lean muscle and beautiful posture—but we also wanted to make sure she was able to move and dance like a professional ballerina. Because of this, many of the exercises had a dual purpose. We’d work on her inner thighs to change how her leg was shaped but it’d also help her get a tighter fifth position. Or we’d target her abs to give her greater definition but also build her center of balance.

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The season finale of Top Chef D.C. airs this Wednesday, September 15th. Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi loves her job, but admits it can take a toll on her figure. In order to look and feel her best, Padma Lakshmi works out and does a post-show detox, but also cuts herself a break. Check out her workout and diet tips!

Boxing Back Into Shape After Top Chef

Padma Lashmi’s favorite workout is boxing. The Bravo host recently told That’s Fit, “I’ve been boxing for about seven years now.” “I love it.” She says, “It’s a very meditative practice.” “You have to really concentrate. When someone is swinging at you, you don’t really think about anything else.” Even better, Padma Lakshmi thinks boxing helps her self image. “I think it’s a confidence booster and I think that no matter what mood you go into the boxing ring in, you come out feeling better.”

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Exercise Routine Featuring Tabata Intervals with Vanessa Minnillo

True Beauty host Vanessa Minnillo is as fit as they come in Hollywood and is certainly looking great as she gets ready to hit the beach this summer.  Self Magazine chose Vanessa to test their latest bikini workout featured in their July issue.

The workout features three parts: high intensity intervals called Tabata intervals, a circuit of body sculpting strength moves, and an abdominal exercise to tone up the stomach.

“When you move through this routine with short periods of rest, your heart rate soars, so you’ll increase your calorie burn and see results fast,” says Jeff Halevy, CEO of Halevy Fitness in New York City, who created the plan.

You can build a bikini body like Vanessa Minnillo by following this three-part workout routine 3 or 4 times per week.

Part 1: Tabata Intervals

MinnilloJumpRope e1278070908527 Vanessa Minnillos Tabata Intervals and Sculpting Workout  workout routines celebrity workouts Tabata intervals are a form of a high intensity workout which feature 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  The sequence is repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes of work.  Tabata intervals are named for the Japanese doctor who’s study showed that these shorter periods of high intensity exercise followed by minimal rest have a greater impact on fat burning.

Warmup for 5 minutes before starting the Tabata intervals, then pick an exercise, or a group of movements to perform during the series.   The Self workout calls for jumping rope, but other options include running on the treadmill, riding a stationary bike, using the elliptical, or hitting a heavy bag.  You could also do any number of body-weight exercises such as squats, pushups, or burpees.

Vanessa Minnillo is a former childhood jump roping star, so it’s easy to see why she would pick that exercise for her Tabata intervals.  ”When I was living in Turkey as a kid, I was on a traveling team and performed all over the country,” she says.

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Zach Parise Almost Carries Team USA to Gold Medal

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The U.S. Men’s Hockey team may have come up short in its quest to repeat the “Miracle on Ice” when it lost to Canada 3-2 today. Team USA did not go down without a fight, however, as left forward, Zach Parise of the New Jersey Devils tied things up with 24.4 seconds left in regulation. [...]

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Greek Star Amber Stevens: Workout, Diet, and Motivation Tips

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Amber Stevens, who plays Ashleigh on ABC Family’s hit show Greek, enjoys the Cardiobar workout, can’t pass up free junk food, and wants girls to feel good about themselves.

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Brooklyn Decker’s “Make Better” DVD Series

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Brooklyn Decker recently created “Make Better” workout and diet DVDs in a partnership with Elle magazine. Check out what Brooklyn has to say about her experience!

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The Bachelor Jake Pavelka and His Buff Body

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The Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s Workout.

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