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The Celebrity Workout’s best posts on celebrity workouts and celebrity diets in the last last two months.  Since our first post on January 1st we have taken a look at over 100 celebrities and their workouts and diets.  Here are our favorites:

10. Evangeline Lilly’s Arms – Keep your arms toned like the star of the ABC mystery drama Lost, now in it’s last season.

9. Ryan Reynolds’ Diet – One of the most ripped celebs on the planet, Reynolds puts just as much focus on his diet as he does his workout. One of our favorite celebrity diets.

8. Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Workout – Aniston says Yoga changed her life.  See what her routine is.

7. INSANITY – The “hardest workout ever put on DVD,” INSANITY is a Max Interval workout program designed to help you shed fat fast.

6. Josh Holloway’s Five Simple Steps to a Fit Life – A look into the Lost actor’s fitness routine and how he stays in shape without spending hours in the gym or extra dollars on equipment.

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Last week we saw how True Beauty host Vanessa Minnillo prepared for the beach this summer with a detailed look at her bikini body workout.  Today, we are back with more on Vanessa and the workout playlist that keep her motivated in the gym.

“I love songs that get me pumped and ready to go during a workout, “ says the former host of MTV’s Total Request Live.

Vanessa Minnillo shared her workout playlist with Self magazine.  Here’s what’s currently playing on her iPod.

Black Eyed Peas – “Boom Boom Pow”
Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.”
OutKast – “B.O.B”
N.E.R.D. – “She Wants to Move”
Foo Fighters – “Best of You”
Kings of Leon – “Use Somebody”
Timbaland – “Throw It on Me”
Saul Williams – “List of Demands”
Madonna – “Like a Virgin”
‘N Sync – “Bye Bye Bye”

That’s quite a mix of songs right there.  But staying motivated in the gym is all about your tastes and what works for you.  Some people find it easier to get motivated with pop songs, while some need hard driving rock songs.   You may like different types of music for different types of workouts.  We always like to see what other people are listening to in the gym to get some ideas for ourselves.  Sometimes you will surprise yourself by what music gets you pumped up and moving through your workout.
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Ndamukong Suh NFL Combine Workout

Our second article of the season on NFL workouts and diets takes a look at some of new talent in the NFL. With the second pick, the Detroit Lions drafted defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (pronounced “en-DOM-ah-ken soo”) from the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers in April 2010.

At 6’4″ 307 pounds, Suh was one of the most desired players in the draft. If his NFL Combine numbers (bench 225 pounds for 32 reps and a vertical jump of 35.5″), Suh will not disappoint the Lions this year and for years to come.

To prepare for the NFL Combine, Ndamukong Suh had to get stronger than ever – or as he likes to call it: get into his “sexy.” He went down to Texas to attend Michael Johnson Performance for six weeks (for six days each). His training included tons of squats, bench presses, sprints, and 60-yard shuttle runs. Indeed, by his senior season, Ndamukong Suh was squatting 460 pounds with 315 pounds of resistance bands. To make it even more difficult, he’d sometimes uses chains to increase his burden at the top of the movement.

Here’s a detailed look at a day of Ndamukong Suh’s NFL Combine workout.

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Jennifer Aniston has 8 tips for eating healthy

Jennifer Aniston has a tight, toned body most women envy, however she has not always looked this great. All you have to do is watch early episodes of Jennifer’s hit television show Friends to witness her body transformation. Although Jennifer Aniston credits a great deal of her toned physique to her dedicated yoga practice, she also realizes that a healthy diet is crucial in looking her best.

Before Jennifer Aniston met her personal chef Jewels Elmore, she says her diet consisted of  “prepackaged Zone meals, overcooked takeout and scrounging for the occasional piece of cheese.” Most of us can relate to these diet habits, and many of us would like to change. After Jennifer hired Jewels, she learned the importance of eating “real food—food that’s truly and naturally life-sustaining and delicious.” Although Jennifer Aniston has a personal chef to make her diet easy, everyone can create healthy, maintainable eating habits by following tips from Jennifer’s personal chef as she told Glamour magazine.

1. Give your refrigerator a makeover

  • Clean out your refrigerator. Throw away processed foods and almost-empty bottles of salad dressing.
  • Make your new food look appealing. You are more likely to grab something healthy if you can see it. Jewels says, “We really try to use all glass containers and present the food in the refrigerator so that it’s appetizing, so that it’s something you want to pick up and eat right away.”

2. Make sure you have basic kitchen equipment

  • To get started, all you need is an eight-inch chef’s knife, a solid wood cutting board, a heavy-bottom skillet, a stockpot and big mixing bowls.
  • You do not need to go crazy and but all the latest kitchen gadgets.

3. Change the way you shop for food

  • Shop for fresh, in-season ingredients. Then, create meals based on the healthy ingredients in your cart.
  • Do not choose your recipes first because you are likely to miss out on nutrient rich seasonal fare.

4. Eat everything green first

  • Greens should take up the most room on your plate, but you should also try to finish your salad or veggies before moving on to the rest of your meal.
  • If you fill up on greens, not only will you get lots of nutrients, you are also more likely to realize when you are full.

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Number-One Pick Sam Bradford’s Rehab Workout Has Him Ready for the NFL Season

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Sam Bradford of the Saint Louis Rams proved critics wrong with his rehabilitation workout that’s made him bigger and stronger than ever.

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Top 10 Workout and Diet Posts of June 2010

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The top 10 celebrity workouts and celebrity diets for June 2010 focus on Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, The U.S. Men’s Soccer Team, Victoria’s Secret Models, Usher, Anna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten, and Kellan Lutz, as well as crazy celebrity diets and the best celebrity vegetarian options.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Erin Andrews, Nicole Scherzinger, Chris O’Donnell, Blake Lively, Ellen Pompeo, and more!

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Jessica Alba’s Workout to Tone Up for Valentine’s Day

Jessica Alba’s quick 40-minute workout.

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Matt Holliday, Corey Hart, Chris Young, Hanley Ramirez Home Run Derby Workout

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The offseason workouts of Matt Holliday, Corey Hart, Chris Young, and Hanley Ramirez have landed the sluggers in the 2010 Home Run Derby.

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