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Dear John, the Nicholas Sparks romance adapted for the big screen, knocked the blockbuster sci-fi hit Avatar from its number one spot while taking in 30.5 million on its opening weekend.  With Channing Tatum taking the lead in the hottest new film in the U.S. let’s take a look at his workout and diet regimen.

Tatum’s Workout:

“With Channing, we followed a 3 day on 1 day off cycle with each session consisting of high intensity, calisthenic based full body circuit workouts which lasted no more than 30 minutes each. We used absolutely NO machines, simply dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a jump rope!” says Tatum’s trainer, William Harris.

Day 1 (5 sets for time as fast as possible)

10 Pullups, 30 Kettlebell swings, 50 Walking lunges

Day 2 (7 sets for time as fast as possible)

150 Rope Skips, 15 Clean and Jerks

Day 3 (3 sets done as fast as possible)

100 Mountain Climbers, 75 Pushups, 50 Situps, 25 Box Jumps

Day 4


“Notice how over the course of a 3 day cycle every major muscle group was targeted, however we did ZERO isolation moves. While Channing’s workouts did systematically allow for proper cycles of work, rest, and recovery, there was not a set “routine”. Routine is the enemy! I say that because in order to maintain consistent change and progress, you can not allow the body to plateau,” says Harris.

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KellyCarlson Nip/Tuck Stars Fit Tips role preparation fitness tips Nip/Tuck returns to FX tonight with the first of its final nine episodes.  Let’s take a look at what has kept stars Kelly Carlson (Kimber) and Julian McMahon (Dr. Troy) fit for their sexy and scandalous roles.

Kelly on being self conscious…

“I’m pretty comfortable with my body and I work hard at it, but I’m certainly not perfect. It takes some getting used to. And you know what’s funny? I noticed when I go to spas, because I go to spas a lot, if there’s not a private changing room, you see the women kind of going, ‘Go ahead, take off your clothes,’ because they want to see if you really look like you do on television. They’re kind of like, ‘Okay, let’s see your flaws.’”

Is Kimber enhanced on the show?

“They’ll do some post work called color correction, but if you pause any of my nude scenes like if I’m standing up or something, it’s not fixed. I work my ass off on my body.”

How Kelly does it…

“Lots of lifting (light weights and lots of reps), Pilates (which is great for stretching and lengthening muscles), abs and walking. There’s this new vibrating exercise machine called the Power Plate that’s awesome for your core. Madonna uses it…and if she uses it, I’m using it.

 Nip/Tuck Stars Fit Tips role preparation fitness tips

How Julian stays fit…

“I’ve always been physical since I was a little kid. I was a rower and a rugby player. Now, I work out, cycle, go for five-mile runs. I hit the outdoors as much as I can. Workouts help with my mental stability, too. Playing Dr. Troy all day long can get pretty exhausting unto itself.”

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Chase Utley discusses his workouts and his diet.

The 2010 MLB campaign is only a few weeks away.  We recently took a peek at Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox. Today, we take a look at Second Baseman Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies, who is fresh off of two consecutive World Series appearances.  What are Chase Utley and the Phillies’ chances this year? Well if it has anything to do with his Utley’s workout ethic and dietary discipline, the City of Brotherly Love might just be hosting another World Series this October.

At the gym, Utley focuses on his core more than anything else. In particular, he’ll use just about anything to work on his core including bungee cords, swiss balls, medicine balls, and negative impulse training. Utley also notes that “come end of the offseason when I’m feeling good about my workouts, I’ll do some pull ups all day long – those are fun.”

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6 Celebrity Tricks to Look 5 Lbs. Thinner Instantly used by Cameron Diaz and other celebrities

Every girl wants to look thinner. They envy Jennifer Aniston’s arms, Kelly Ripa’s abs, and Cameron Diaz’s legs. But not every lady has the luxury of these celebrities. Who can spend hours in the gym with a personal trainer and attend endless cardio and strength classes? Although getting a celebrity body takes time and energy, celebrities also use little tricks to look thinner in minutes. Try these six celebrity tricks to look thinner instantly!

1. De-fuzz Your Arms

  • According to Megan McGhee, lead aesthetician at Bliss South Beach, hair can cast a shadow, which can appear to bulk you up.  In addition, waxing removes hair while exfoliating the skin to make it firmer.
  • Apply wax to clean skin and smooth in the direction of your hair growth. Lift in the opposite direction. These results should last for two to four weeks.
  • Try a microwave wax kit, available for $45 at

2. Moisturize your Abs

  • Makeup artist Tracy Murphy, who works with celebrity Brooklyn Decker, suggests applying body lotion to your stomach every morning to make your skin tighter. After the lotion dries, apply bronzer at the bottom of your ribs and above your hip bones, creating a shadow.
  • Makeup artist Rachel Goodwin says this will make “the bones above look more pronounced.” This in turn will you look thin overall.
  • Celebrity Nicole Richie uses Rodial Tummy Tuck, a body lotion with micro-fibers, available for $130 at

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