davidcook American Idol Fitness   David Cook workout routines fitness tips celebrity workouts celebrity fitness celebrity diets The fascination with American Idol continued tonight on FOX as the show went to the Windy City to search for its next super star.   We recently posted 10 fitness tips from Idol’s most well known champion Carrie Underwood.  We continue our look at the workouts and diets of former American Idol champions today with a feature on the most recent winner, David Cook.

The benefits of being in shape…

Cook actually got fitter on his path to becoming the latest Idol champion.  “Vocally, Idol is about as grueling as it gets, because you’re singing every single day. I was forced into taking care of myself, and now I’m glad I did. Even if I was voted out week one, the benefits I gained from working out are tenfold,” Cook told Men’s Fitness.

Best shape of his life…

“I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I lost between 10 and 15 throughout the course of the show, and I probably dropped another five since,” says Cook.

How he did it…
Cook mixed light weight training with 10-15 minutes of cardio.  Recently he has stepped up the cardio-intensive workouts to include boxing.  During the Idol tour this summer he would do five pushups for every song leading up to his set.

He also incorporates some non-traditional exercise into his routine.  His trainer takes him out to run football routes a few times per week.  We really like this type of workout because the sprint work involved with running the routes burns a ton of calories and for many people is much more fun then logging a bunch of miles at a slower steady pace.

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Post image for Brooklyn Decker’s “Make Better” DVD Series

Supermodel Brooklyn Decker recently partnered with Elle magazine to to create a DVD series called “Make Better.” The DVDs incorporate yoga, cardio, sculpting, fitness, fashion, and beauty – and promises to make you better in three short weeks. You may also recognize Brooklyn Decker from the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and from our previous posts!

“Make Better” Workout DVDs

The “Make Better” workout DVDs include Cardio Body, Beauty Sculpt, and Workout Yoga. Brooklyn Decker recently told MindBodyGreen, “The most challenging workout for me was the yoga. Cardio is definitely the workout that gets you sweating the most. But for me, the yoga took the longest to get used to. In fact, Tara Stiles [my make better yoga instructor] and I started working on yoga a month and a half before I started on the others. It was something that was unfamiliar to me and quite honestly, I didn’t think it would be challenging for someone athletic like me. I really couldn’t have been more wrong. It made me control and move my body in ways I never could before, and it was an amazing outlet for stress. Also, doing the yoga really enhanced my form and strength in the Cardio Body and Beauty Sculpt workouts.”

Even though Brooklyn Decker was already in great shape, she learned a lot from the “Make Better” series. She says, “I always knew that variation was key in getting the results that you wanted. But not until I was actively working on all three workouts did I see just how important it really was. I got to see my body transform before my eyes and THAT was what made all of my hard work worth it.”

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Soccer Workout for Strength Training - Oguchi Onyewu

Our fifth installment of our World Cup soccer workout series features the strength training workout of United States National Team defender Oguchi Onyewu.

Men’s Health recently revealed the soccer workout secrets of four members of the U.S. squad, including those of Oguchi Onyewu and his teammates Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard, and Jozy Altidore, with soccer specific workout plans for building endurancestrength, speed, and agility.

Onyewu, who goes by the nickname “Gooch,” says, “Strikers get the fame, but as a defender you do just as much work and you don’t have the luxury of making so many mistakes.”

At 6’4″ and 210 pounds Oguchi Onyewu, who plays for Italy’s AC Milan is as strong as the come in soccer.  “Gooch has to anchor himself, hold off contact, and withstand bumping,” says national team fitness coach Pierre Barrieu.  The strength Onyewu uses against opponents comes from his powerful legs and his strength training workout allows him to not only be explosive but also quick enough to make a tackle on a speedy striker or head the ball away as its screaming toward the goal.

Men’s Health reports, “Norwegian soccer research reveals that doing squats with maximal loads dramatically improves jumping ability, sprinting speed over 10 meters, and running economy. Here’s why: ‘Because of the high resistance, the movement speed is slow, but the muscular contraction when you push with your quads is fast,’ says Jan Hoff, Ph.D., a professor of medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In other words, you’re teaching your muscles to activate faster. In Hoff’s 2008 study, participants who did three squat sessions a week for 8 weeks saw a 5 percent increase in running economy, which means they used less energy to move on the field. That translates to over half a mile more covered in a match. Another benefit to strength training: It reduces your risk of soccer injury by 50 percent, according to a University of Maine study.”

To develop powerful legs like Oguchi Onyewu try this self test and strength training soccer workout.

Varitek04242008 thumb Jason Varitek and Dustin Pedroia Ready for Spring Training celebrity workouts athlete workouts Jason Varitek may no longer be the Red Sox starting catcher, but that is not stopping him from being as fit as ever as spring training for the 2010 campaign gets near. Recently Varitek meet with NESN to show how he’s been preparing.

During the off-season, Tek’s trainer, Leslie Eddins, has him on a strict diet, workout program, and training regimen.

Pre-Workout Meal (breakfast): egg whites, turkey, and tomatoes. In addition, he gets his initial carb load with a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries, bananas, and walnuts.

Training Day: He trains 2.5 to 3 hours per day at the gym where he focuses on core strength and cardio. He then follows that up with throwing and hitting drills.

Post Workout Meal (dinner): Steak or chicken with vegetables and a sweet potato. He’ll also have a protein shake, which generally includes oatmeal and peanut butter.

Watch an average training day for Varitek and see some of the core exercises his trainer has him doing:

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Varitek’s dedication is just one reason he’s going down in Red Sox history.

pedroiacol thumb Jason Varitek and Dustin Pedroia Ready for Spring Training celebrity workouts athlete workouts And then there’s the younger Dustin Pedroia. Don’t be fooled by former Rookie-of-the-Year and American League MVP, Dustin Pedroia’s small stature. (Oh yeah, he’s also won a Silver Slugger award and a World Series – but who’s counting?) As he showed WEEI, he, too, has his own training regimen and personal chef preparing him special meals suited for his workouts, but still manages to join life on his downtime.

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