Yoga Workout DVD by Bethenny Frankel: Body By Bethenny

Bethenny Frankel, a Real Housewife of New York City, is one of our favorite fit celebrities. In fact, she is just as passionate about helping people feel fit and healthy as we are here at The Celebrity Workout. To help her fans avoid workout and diet woes, Bethenny Frankel released a lifestyle diet book, a healthy cookbook, and now a workout dvd. Her new workout DVD – Body By Bethenny – is in stores now! For a great review of Body By Bethenny, check out this article from That’s Fit.

Bethenny Frankel approaches diet as a lifestyle, not a regimen or routine. She promotes a healthy lifestyle by allowing occasional indulgences, but suggests keeping splurges in moderation and balancing cravings with healthy eating. For example, order french fries if you are craving them, but stop munching after eating only a few.

Bethenny also believes in a balanced workout. Her favorite workout is yoga - because it promotes strength and flexibility, gets her heart rate up, and cleanses toxins. Instead of feeling guilty when she can’t make it to the gym, Bethenny appreciates when she can work out and makes the most of her sweat sessions.

Body By Bethenny, the new workout DVD from Bethenny Frankel, is sure to help busy women (and men) fit in a daily workout. The DVD is a 40-minute yoga practice, featuring celebrity trainer, Pilates, and yoga instructor Kristen McGee, that stretches and strengthens your entire body. All you need to complete the workout is light weights and a mat. Personally, as a yoga fanatic, I can attest to the effectiveness of a yoga workout – you will find yourself strengthening muscles you didn’t know you had! [click to continue…]

BrookeBurke Brooke Burkes 15 Minutes workout routines Brooke Burke has been blogging over at about her latest fitness and diet tips for 2010.  Here are some of the fit mom’s goals and strategies for staying healthy in the new year…

Her Goals:

“I am trying to get into the best shape of my life, have more energy and less body fat. I don’t own a scale, nor do I care how much I weigh, but I know that my body is changing as I get older and I have to work harder to stay in shape these days.  It is what it is, so work harder I will!

Her Plan:

I’m totally obsessed with Pilates Plus!  I’m planning to do 3 classes a week, which is head to toe body sculpting and cardio all in 55 minutes.  In between classes I will do 45 minutes of cardio at the gym 3 times a week.”

On Feeling Good:

I promise you that once you get over the hump, working out will produce so many positive factors; less stress, more energy, more self confidence, a sense of accomplishment, self commitment, better sex drive (yes, it’s true!), etc.”

Fit Friends for Motivation:

It helps so much when you have a partner to motivate you.  Even a friend that you can commit with can help you from flaking.”

Here is a video of Brooke showing us how she keeps her butt firm and toned.  All you need is 15 minutes and a stability ball.

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The fan-favorite musical dramedy Glee airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Fox. The theme of this week’s episode was body image and self esteem. In honor of that important topic, we want to share Glee star Lea Michele’s top 6 health tips, which make her feel great in the image obsessed entertainment industry. Check out what Lea Michele’s “health counselor” Devon Butler told Women’s Health Magazine!

1. Lea Michele relies on yoga to relax. Devon says, “We do a lot of yoga during red-carpet season.” “Lea has so much attention on her, and this is so calming.” Lea enjoys hot yoga because the heated studio provides deeper stretching and improves her stress relief.

2. Devon varies Lea’s routine by incorporating short bursts of cardio into her workout. He says, “Just think of it like a roller coaster: It takes more energy to go up, up, up and then drop for a bit than to stay at the same level.” “It burns more sugars, which ends up leaning you out.” For example, Lea will walk at a speed of four miles per hour at a 10 incline for three or four minutes.

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Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson's Workout Playlist

In honor of Easter and the fact that many of us will eat one too many chocolate bunnies today, we would like to provide you with some light reading and a new workout playlist for the morning workout we know you will be doing tomorrow. Gunnar Peterson, the Beverly Hills-based personal trainer who works with A-list celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Debra Messing, and Penelope Cruz, recently shared his favorite workout playlist with Fitness Magazine. These tunes will pump you up for a quick 30-minute workout you can fit in tomorrow morning before work. We even provided a 30-minute workout to go with it!

30-Minute Workout Playlist

  1. “I Gotta Feeling” – Black Eyes Peas
  2. “Break the Ice” – Britney Spears
  3. “Poker Face” – Lady Gaga
  4. “Gives You Hell” – All-American Rejects
  5. “Family Affair” – Mary J. Blige
  6. “Right Now (Na Na Na)” – Akon
  7. “Green Light” – John Legend
  8. “Say It Right” – Nelly Furtado

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Major League Baseball Training and Workout Tips

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Several Major League Baseball players including Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard, and Ryan Zimmerman, spend the off-season working out with trainer Jason Riley to improve agility, range of motion, and functional strength.

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Modern Family Star Sofia Vergara Dances Herself Slim and Avoids Red Meat

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Modern Family star Sofia Vergara enjoys a workout of Latin dancing and avoids red meat in her diet.

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NCIS Star Chris O’Donnell’s Workout

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NCIS star Chris O’Donnell uses a diverse workout regimen, including weight training, interval training, and outdoor sports to keep himself physically fit.

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Heroes Workout: Milo Ventimiglia

Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia who plays Peter Petrelli on the hit NBC show explains how he added 20 pounds of lean muscle with his workout and nutrition.

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