beyonce 10 Fitness Tricks from the Stars fitness tips celebrity diets People Magazine’s Look Great in 2010 page recently featured a photo special with “10 Outrageous Star Fitness Tricks.”

Here are our top 5:

Kim Sleeps in Gym Clothes

Kim Kardashian motivates herself to hit the gym – any way she can! “Is it weird if I sleep in my workout clothes so I can get up early at 6am & work out?” Kardashian Tweeted recently. She explained her rationale, writing, “It will force me to & save time!”

Julianne Plays Wiffleball

Julianne Hough gathers up her band for a fun way to get fit, “playing wiffle ball and ultimate Frisbee.”

For another fun workout you can also try Julianne’s new cardio dance DVD.

Jessica Drops it Like it’s Hot

Jessica Simpson keeps her glutes Daisy Duke-worthy by doing a booty dance! The singer recently posted on Twitter that trainer Mike Alexander (who sculpted her silhouette for 2005′s The Dukes of Hazzard) “yells at me ‘get lower like you’re in the club.’” Her comical response? “I don’t squat in a club unless I’m peeing!”

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BrookeBurke Brooke Burkes 15 Minutes workout routines Brooke Burke has been blogging over at about her latest fitness and diet tips for 2010.  Here are some of the fit mom’s goals and strategies for staying healthy in the new year…

Her Goals:

“I am trying to get into the best shape of my life, have more energy and less body fat. I don’t own a scale, nor do I care how much I weigh, but I know that my body is changing as I get older and I have to work harder to stay in shape these days.  It is what it is, so work harder I will!

Her Plan:

I’m totally obsessed with Pilates Plus!  I’m planning to do 3 classes a week, which is head to toe body sculpting and cardio all in 55 minutes.  In between classes I will do 45 minutes of cardio at the gym 3 times a week.”

On Feeling Good:

I promise you that once you get over the hump, working out will produce so many positive factors; less stress, more energy, more self confidence, a sense of accomplishment, self commitment, better sex drive (yes, it’s true!), etc.”

Fit Friends for Motivation:

It helps so much when you have a partner to motivate you.  Even a friend that you can commit with can help you from flaking.”

Here is a video of Brooke showing us how she keeps her butt firm and toned.  All you need is 15 minutes and a stability ball.

Post image for Four Easy Ways Celebrities Cut Calories at Holiday Meals

Check out what top celebrity trainers and celebrity nutritionists shared with InStyle about holiday diet tips how to avoid eating extra calories during the holiday season! Bring these tricks to your next holiday party and you are sure to end the night full of cheer and free of guilt.

Celebrity Trainer David Kirsh Recommends Avoiding Sugary Cocktails

“Holidays shouldn’t be an excuse to disconnect your brain and your stomach. Enjoy them, but eat and drink sensibly,” says David Kirsch, celebrity trainer and nutritionist who has worked with stars like Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway. “Avoid sugary cocktails and go for a vodka/soda or a glass or two of red wine, drinking plenty of water in between.”

Cocktail: 163 calories per 3 oz. drink

Red wine: 114 calories per 5 oz. glass

You save: 49 calories per drink

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NCIS Los Angeles Chris O'Donnell Workout

Chris O’Donnell, star of the hit drama NCIS: Los Angeles, has taken his fitness seriously to prepare for parts in the past, but has a new found look the most important role of his life as he prepares to turn 40 this June….and that is the role of father.

“I’m your average guy trying to keep my body in good condition so I can still do things that I love.  I don’t want to give up sports.  I want to move around with my kids and play football in the backyard and I’ve gotta condition myself,” says O’Donnell.

The actor, who is most famously known for playing the Caped Crusader’s sidekick in Batman Forever, uses a diverse workout and fitness regimen to keep himself in shape.  For his workout, Chris O’Donnell heads to Iron Gym in Santa Monica for lifting sessions with trainer John Damon several times per week and also participates in a weekly cardio/weight training class called Burn 60.

“The Burn 60 philosophy is based on interval training consisting of high, mid and low levels of activity repeated over brief periods of time combining treadmills or cycling bikes with weights and resistance equipment on the floor.”  The Brentwood based studio’s 60-minute workout can be done be people of varying fitness levels and is cashing in on the extremely effective fat-burning results that interval training has to offer.

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CSI’s Eads Hits the Gym to Rehab Back

George Eads talks about his gym routine to prepare for his role as tough guy Nick Stokes in CSI and how Eads rehabbed his back with various workouts.

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Kelly Ripa’s New Workout

Thumbnail image for Kelly Ripa’s New Workout

Kelly Ripa’s new workout, Physique 57, helps keep her body ripped an toned.

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Bethenny is Back! Bethenny Frankel’s Tips for Holiday Eating

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Bravo reality star and healthy chef Bethenny Frankel was recently interviewed by Clean Eating magazine on healthy holiday diet tips. Check it out!

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Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout and Diet

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To prepare for Fight Club, Brad Pitt used a rigorous 5-day workout and strict diet to lower his body fat to 5% to create one the best celebrity bodies ever.

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