June 2010: #2 Celebrity Workout / Celebrity Diet

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ryankwanten thumb June 2010: #2 Celebrity Workout / Celebrity Diet

Ryan Kwanten Workout and Diet Tips for Preparing for His True Blood Shirtless Scenes

Ryan Kwanten of True Blood uses an evolving workout including body-weight exercises, trail running, and yoga; for his shirtless scenes, he uses a Paleolithic diet. Here’s a sample.

Bodyweight Workout

Ryan Kwanten admits to Mens’ Fitness that he still needs to strength train to keep his body fully functional. He does his strength training at home with body-weight exercises: pushups, situps, pull ups, skipping rope. “I love old-school stuff,” he says.

Specifically, while doing his situps and other ab work, he focuses on his core and tries not to reach or stretch his neck. He also likes using a thick rubber jump rope for doing intervals (e.g., 30 seconds of doubles followed by 50 seconds of singles). Like Ryan does in his own home, try doing these exercises during the first half of a Lakers game, and then stretch during the second half.

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