June 2010: #1 Celebrity Workout / Celebrity Diet

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Twilight: Kellan Lutz Workout Routine and Diet

Kellan Lutz is fitter than ever for his role as Emmett Cullen in Twilight: Eclipse thanks this workout and diet. Here’s just a sample of this month’s #1 article. Check it out for more on his workout routine and diet.

Kellan Lutz’s Workout Tips

Try a workout game. Kellan Lutz plays a game with his workout partner where they spread a deck of cards on the floor. Someone picks a card, and the other person has to guess whether it’s black or red. If he gets it wrong, he has to do pushups according to the number on the card. If he gets it right, the other person does double.

You can also try FitDeck exercise playing cards.

Workout your abs less. “I saw much better results when I hit my abs harder and less frequently,” he says.

Although your abs and core muscles recover faster than any other muscle group, they still need time to heal and grow. Your abs don’t grow at the gym; they grow when you’re outside the gym – like when you’re sleeping. Even if you don’t feel sore, give yourself at least one day off in between ab days.

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