Workout Routines

Olympic Gold Medal Muscle

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United States Bobsledder Justin Olsen’s 3 day training split that he used to prepare for the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

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Jennifer Aniston Says Yoga Changed Her Life

Jennifer Aniston credits yoga with changing her life. Plus it is a great workout!

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Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory Fitness

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Skateboarder Rob Dyrdek uses a training circuit focusing on stability to help improve core strength and prevent injuries.

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Olympic Fitness with Gretchen Bleiler

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U.S. Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler has teamed with 24 Hour Fitness to provide an Olympic workout that people of all fitness levels can try.

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Anne Hathaway’s Valentine’s Day Booty Workout

Anne Hathaway’s booty workout.

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Anna Paquin’s Look-Sexy-Naked-Workout

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As we mentioned last week, True Blood is back for season 3. That, of course, means the return of Anna Paquin, who stars as the telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse. Yep, Anna Paquin is back – and with a better body than ever. Anna Paquin has been working hard with her trainer Clay Burwell. Anna’s workouts [...]

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Usher Works with Energy Coach


Usher works with an energy coach and trains like an animal to keep himself in peak physical condition.

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Chelsea Handler Pilates Ab Workout and Diet

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Chelsea Handler got fit with Pilates and a new diet. Try this workout for Chelsea’s sexy abs.

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