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The Bachelor Jason Mesnick celebrity fitness workout diet

Last season on The Bachelor, fans watched in shock as bachelor Jason Mesnick decided to switch between the woman he chose on the finale and the woman he sent home. After the finale filmed, Jason left the show and pursued a relationship with his chosen fiancé, Melissa Rycroft, but soon realized that his true feelings were for the runner-up Molly Malaney. On the post-finale “After the Final Rose” episode, Jason broke up with Melissa and asked Molly whether she was interested in giving their love another chance. It turns out that Molly was the right choice for Jason, and their marriage will air on television tonight on “The Bachelor: Jason and Molly’s Wedding.”

At first, everyone loved Jason Mesnick. He was a single dad with a big heart and a hot body. Although many fans were furious when he broke Melissa’s heart on television, today the anger has subsided and fans are excited to see Jason’s “happily ever after.”

To prepare for his big day, Jason needed to be in top shape. During his season on The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick explained his views on health and fitness to Active Health Network. He says that exercise has always been an important party of his life. In fact, Jason says he has worked out 5-days a week since he was 13-years old. He recalls that in college he would spend 2-hours per day at the gym. His routine consisted of one hour of cardio, one hour of weights, and a bunch of sit-ups and stretching. In fact, before Jason became the bachelor he wanted to start a national organization to fight childhood obesity. Recently, he gave up his 2-hour workouts and started circuit training. He enjoys circuit training because he finds it more fun than his old routine, and two of his great friends own a circuit training studio called Elite Fitness Training.

Jason Mesnick also has healthy eating habits. He does not follow a strict diet, but tries to eat everything in moderation. Jason says he loves hamburgers, but knows not to eat them everyday. Instead, he tries to eat them once a month, which makes him look forward to them even more. He also drinks a lot of water and eats plenty of vegetables. He says if he does these two things, everything else falls into place. Additionally, Jason avoids having a lot of snacks around. He does not believe in dieting, and feels healthy eating is a lifestyle choice.

As for Jason’s son, Jason makes sure he eats healthy too. He says his son loves the usual kid stuff, like macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and apples. Jason knows that kids get enough carbs, so he tries to focus on giving his son protein, fruit, and vegetables. He realizes his son is growing and needs nutrition in his life, which only a parent can offer.

Jason also believes it is important for the woman in his life to have healthy habits. Before choosing his leading lady, he asked the girls about their workout habits and why they wanted to workout. He says that looking physically fit was never his personal motivation. Instead, Jason says he started working out when he saw unhealthy habits causing health problems in his family. After his  grandfather had a stroke and his uncle passed away due to diabetes, Jason knew it was time to make a change.

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