Erin Andrews’ Dancing with the Stars Workout

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Dancing with the Stars - Erin Andrews Diet and Workout

Last night on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars, ESPN host Erin Andrews competed for her place in the finale. Remaining contestants include Chad Ochocinco, Evan Lysacek, and Nicole Scherzinger. The competition was steep – both Chad and Evan are professional athletes and Nicole is known for her seductive Pussycat Dolls dance routines. Although Erin had her work cut out for her, she certainly danced her heart out!

Erin Andrews has already dropped more than 10 pounds from her grueling Dancing with the Stars practices and performances. She says, “I’m trying to keep weight on. I’m losing my butt and my boobs!” Before Dancing with the Stars, Erin had to workout to prepare for the competition. Check out how Erin Andrews got ready for Dancing with the Stars and how the show changed her diet!

Erin Andrews Workout

Erin Andrews got in shape by doing a daily workout. She alternated between weights and cardio, for strength and endurance. She even listened to Nicole Scherzinger’s Pussycat Dolls album to get pumped up. Erin says, “I also did P90X with the ESPN guys on the road.” P90X is a great workout – combining plyometrics, martial arts, and yoga – and a celebrity favorite. Now, Erin burns calories dancing the tango. She says, “My muscles have gotten longer and leaner! Now I just need a little bulk on my arms!” Overall, “Dancing is an awesome workout!”

Erin recognizes that motivation is key. “My friend who’s a chiropractor and I are always on each other to work out. We like to pretend we are Gisele and pretend it’s our job.” In addition, Erin notes that you always have time to squeeze in a quick workout. “Grab a set of weights. Do squats and arms at the same time! You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish in just 20 or 30 minutes.”

Erin Andrews Diet

Erin Andrews is not a fan of dieting, and  admits that that her work schedule makes it difficult to eat healthy and stay fit.

“Traveling for my job makes staying in shape really hard. We’re on the road so much, and for me … it’s tough cause I’m one of the only girls on site. I’m really close with the other talent and the broadcasters, so we go out to eat all the time. Today we had hamburgers! Eating on the road is the worst way to eat. Not only that, but I’m surrounded by guys! When you’re surrounded by men, you eat and drink like a guy.”

However, since participating in Dancing with the Stars, Erin has actually started indulging to keep the curves she is losing on Dancing with the Stars. While competing, the ESPN host sometimes eats dessert and drinks regular Coke. When she is not on the show, Erin tries to eat healthily. She enjoys seared tuna and healthy beverages. Erin says when she stops drinking soda, she drops weight quickly.

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Source and Us Weekly Issue 793, April 26, 2010

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