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NCIS Los Angeles Chris O'Donnell Workout

Chris O’Donnell, star of the hit drama NCIS: Los Angeles, has taken his fitness seriously to prepare for parts in the past, but has a new found look the most important role of his life as he prepares to turn 40 this June….and that is the role of father.

“I’m your average guy trying to keep my body in good condition so I can still do things that I love.  I don’t want to give up sports.  I want to move around with my kids and play football in the backyard and I’ve gotta condition myself,” says O’Donnell.

The actor, who is most famously known for playing the Caped Crusader’s sidekick in Batman Forever, uses a diverse workout and fitness regimen to keep himself in shape.  For his workout, Chris O’Donnell heads to Iron Gym in Santa Monica for lifting sessions with trainer John Damon several times per week and also participates in a weekly cardio/weight training class called Burn 60.

“The Burn 60 philosophy is based on interval training consisting of high, mid and low levels of activity repeated over brief periods of time combining treadmills or cycling bikes with weights and resistance equipment on the floor.”  The Brentwood based studio’s 60-minute workout can be done be people of varying fitness levels and is cashing in on the extremely effective fat-burning results that interval training has to offer.

O’Donnel mixes up his training with some outdoor sports as well, including beach volleyball and plenty of golf.  Having suffered a back injury while doing a stunt for a previous role, he swears by Yoga as well, saying it helps keep his back muscles loose and his core strong.

Chris O’Donnell’s diverse mix of training keeps his energy levels high and his body feeling good so that he can keep up with his kids and make sure he remains on top of his game for his role as dad.

Source: Men’s Fitness

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