Robert Downey Jr. Uses Unique Equipment to Prepare for Roles

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robert downey 160x160  Robert Downey Jr. Uses Unique Equipment to Prepare for Roles  workout routines role preparation Robert Downey Jr. is burning up the silver screen with his latest flick Sherlock Holmes, so let’s take a look at what he’s doing in the gym to burn off the calories and keep his ripped look.  Robert’s trainer Brad Bose blogged about his methods for transforming the actor into Iron Man’s Tony Stark, then to Holmes, and back to Stark for Iron Man 2, set to release later this year.

For his transformation to Sherlock Holmes, Bose had Robert use the Vortex Perfect Storm and the Ab Coaster.  In addition, the actor was training with a kung fu instructor for the fight scenes.

For Iron Man 2, variety was the key.  Bose says:

I can probably count on one hand the number of times we repeated the same workout. There was no set routine — we used a more unconventional method to get him big and strong without sacrificing the time to bulk up and then diet down.

It was time to pull out the sledgehammers, truck tires, firehoses, wheelbarrows, bamboo bars, weight sleds, macebells, meels, indian clubs, etc.

At times he looked more like a construction worker than a movie star with the way he trained. Follow that up the following day with extremely high tech equipment like the vortex, the vibe plate and the speedboard and you had a combination where the future of training met the past.

Optimizing everything we did was a constant physical and mental challenge even for Iron Man.  He never knew from day to day what I was going to throw at him (sometimes literally).

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