Jamie Foxx Keeps His Workouts Simple

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jamie foxx 224x300 Jamie Foxx Keeps His Workouts Simple fitness tips fitness news celebrity fitness Jamie Foxx’s old school running man performance at the Grammy’s Sunday night might have been a little overboard, but his fitness and running routine are definitely not overboard.  Foxx, who’s latest movie Valentine’s Day opens next Friday, prefers to keep his workout regimen simple.

What I do is I get 25 pounds weights, and I do this thing called sixes. I do six of everything. Do your push-ups and your crunches, or whatever and then I play basketball — what you try to do is just kind of sweat everyday and then think young! The minute you start talking about, ‘Man I’m about to be that time!’ The next thing you know age comes, ” the 39-year-old actor/musician/comedian told Men’s Fitness.

Foxx likes to make fitness part of his day and mix it in along with other things he normally does. He shared his typical morning with Men’s Health, saying, “Do 25 push ups, brush your teeth. Do the next 25 push ups, take a shower. Do another set of whatever it is, then fix your hair. Now the workout’s part of your morning routine, just like brushing your teeth. So get up in the morning and challenge yourself. Twenty minutes, you’re done.”

We don’t recommend Foxx’s program if you are trying to add size or train for a triathlon, but if you are on a limited budget or a crunched for time this is certainly a good way to start your day out right and burn some calories.  Despite his limited routine Foxx is in great shape.  He has cut back on his training as he got older, saying he used to bench 350 pounds but the stress on his shoulders has taken its toll as he has reached his 39th birthday.

Foxx appears in the much-anticipated Valentine’s Day alongside an amazingly fit cast including Taylor Lautner, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane, Patrick Dempsey, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Garner.  Stay tuned as we will be profiling several of the film’s stars leading up to the opening next Friday.

A new CD from Foxx is also due to hit stores later this year.

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