How to Get a Gossip Worthy Body Like Leighton Meester

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Gossip Girl returns Monday after a long winter hiatus and girls across the country can’t contain their excitement. What trouble will Serena get into? Will Chuck and Blair last another month? Will Jenny get dragged into the drug world? Certainly all these questions won’t be answered in the first episode, but that is what makes Gossip Girl so addicting!

Not only is the drama addicting, fans are also obsessed with the beautiful cast and straight-off the runway fashion. Blair Waldorf, a fan favorite played by Leighton Meester, is well known for her preppy style and petite frame. It takes hard work to maintain Blair’s look, but Leighton Meester is not afraid of the challenge! In fact, her relaxed approach to exercise seems a bit inconsistent with her character’s up-tight personality.

Leighton Meester’s personal trainer Justin Falahi provided Seventeen magazine with three easy tips to help you work out like Leighton:

1. The gym isn’t necessary

  • Justin takes Leighton to the park to work out because there are plenty of objects to use for strengthening moves. For example, you can use park benches for tricep dips and stairs for leg exercises. Plus, the playground makes it feel more fun!

2. You don’t need to count

  • The most important part of Leighton’s workout is to keep moving. Justin does not make her count sets, they just bounce from one exercise and one body part to another to keep things interesting and keep her heart rate up.

3. Relax!

  • Like many real women, Leighton has a very busy work schedule. She does not have much to relax during the day, but believes it is important to feel balanced. Justin says that before each workout Leighton does a five-minute meditation. He says, “It helps her to de-stress and keeps that post-workout high all day.”

Hopefully you feel inspired by Leighton Meester and her easy workout tips. Maybe you can even do a couple push-ups or crunches during Gossip Girl’s commercials on Monday!
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