Gossip Girl’s Katie Cassidy Loves Variety in her Workout

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Gossip Girl’s latest backstabbing vixen Juliet Sharp is played by actress Katie Cassidy. You might also recognize Katie from her roles as Ella Simms on Melrose Place and Zoe on the family-friendly hit 7th Heaven. When Katie Cassidy is not busy on the Gossip Girl set, stirring up drama by sabotaging Serena van der Woodsen’s life and breaking Nate Archibald’s heart, she is often working out to stay healthy and toned.

Katie Cassidy recently shared her fitness routine with SHAPE magazine. Check out what she had to say!

Katie Cassidy is an avid runner. She says, “I do an 8.5-mile run on the weekend and then throughout the week I’ll run like 5 miles here or 4 miles there.”

But running is not enough for the thin and trim starlet. She says, “I also do a ton of other things, just to keep it up. I do a lot of kettle bell. It is really good for your core and your legs. And it helps with running. You are building muscle at the same time as opposed to just that constant pace of running and going and going.”

Although Katie Cassidy enjoys running and her kettle bell workout, she often feels the routine can be tough on her body. To balance things out, she says, “I have been doing flow yoga. I just started doing it and it really helps for lengthening and stretching because when you run a lot your hips and your legs get really tight. I think that was really hard on my body. Doing yoga, it kind of just releases that and it just makes you feel more flexible and I don’t know, alive almost. Its great!”

With such an intense workout plan, Katie Cassidy can probably afford to splurge every once in a while. The actress says her favorite treat is “pizza with ranch dressing.” Sadly, even with all the time she spends in the gym, Katie says, “But I don’t really get to eat it that often!”

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