Demi Moore’s Booty Boosting Treadmill Workout

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For Demi Moore, getting older has improved her self-esteem and body image, and reduced her workout and diet obsession. Perhaps that is how she snagged younger hottie, Ashton Kutcher. You can check out Demi’s hot 47-year old body in her latest film, Happy Tears, which premiered in theaters this weekend.

There is no doubt that Demi Moore is blessed with good genes, yet also plagued with plastic surgery rumors. Despite your opinion on whether or not Demi has gone under the knife, everyone knows her hot body requires workout maintenance. In her 20′s, under the guidance of personal trainer Rob Parr, Demi was a workout-aholic. She would bike or hike up to two hours per day, six days a week. The morning before she gave birth to her second daughter, Demi completed a 22-mile bike ride. Although Demi exercised intensely in her younger years, she recently realized her workout motivation was misguided. She was not working out to feel healthy, but instead she says “I was trying to overcome my insecurity.”

Today, Demi Moore adheres to a more reasonable workout schedule. Demi enjoys swimming and rollerblading at her Idaho home. She also has her own weight room and sometimes trains with martial-arts expert, and ex-boyfriend, Oliver Whitcomb. By focusing on how she feels, instead of how she looks, Demi is now in the best shape of her life. Demi also works out with personal trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche, founder of Gregory Joujon-Roche’s Holistic Fitness. Gregory’s workout center focuses on creating overall well-being, a goal perfectly in-line with Demi’s new way of life.

Try the treadmill workout Gregory provided by Fitness magazine if you want to boost your behind, while also raising your heart rate:

The Demi Moore Booty Boosting Treadmill Workout

  • After warming up on the treadmill by walking for three minutes, increase the incline to level 8, hold on to the handles, and pretend that you’re trudging through the mud.
  • Bend your knees and dig into the treadmill with your heels for one to two minutes, then lower the incline back to 1 for one to two minutes to recover.
  • Repeat this cycle 10 times.
  • You’ll increase your calorie burn as you sculpt a sexy butt.

Source: People

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