Ashley Tisdale’s Workout and Diet Makeover

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High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale’s new show Hellcats premiered this week on the CW. Both shows involve high energy dancing and performing. To prepare, Ashley has to eat right, exercise, and strengthen her core. Check out what Ashley Tisdale shared with Shape about her inspiration for adopting healthy habits!

Workout Inspiration

Back when Ashley Tisdale starred on the Disney show The Suite Life of Zach & Cody she suffered a back injury. She says, “It was a bad fall, and it really started hurting when I was dancing on tour.” “In order to get my back stronger, I knew I had to strengthen my core.” Although Ashley was used to performing, she did not enjoy her gym workouts.  She says, “I loved performing in the High School Musical movies — that didn’t seem like work — but the gym felt like torture!” Ashley’s new approach? “Now before I work out, I think, ‘I love exercise’ and it works.”

Diet Motivation

Ashley Tisdale cut back on junk food and adopted a healthy diet when she learned of her family history of diabetes. She says, “After I found out my grandfather has it and my mom is borderline, I knew I had to get serious about my diet too.” “I realized just how much exercise and eating right make a difference in how you feel now and when you get older.”

Hitting the Gym

Working with trainer Christopher Hebert also helped Ashley Tisdale overcome her dislike for the gym. She says, “He’s cute, which makes it fun, and he never lets our exercise sessions get boring.” Ashley’s workout consists of 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of weight training. She also focuses on strengthening her core to make sure she doesn’t suffer another back injury. Light weights and push-ups tone her arms and shoulders, and she runs the stairs to work her legs.

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