State of the Union: First Lady Michelle Obama’s Arms

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MichelleObamaArms 222x300 State of the Union: First Lady Michelle Obamas Arms workout routines celebrity workouts With President Obama’s State of the Union address taking over network television on Wednesday night, let’s take a look at what the first lady, Michelle Obama, is doing to keep her arms in great shape.  Trainer Kathy Smith, creator of the Total Body Lift workout DVD, shares this arm blasting workout with us that can be done in just 15 minutes per day and three times per week.

The Workout

Beginners should use 3-5 pound weights and do the entire circuit twice.  More advanced exercisers can use heavier weights and should do the sequence three times.

1) Sun Salutation – 6 times – This yoga pose is a great way to warm up your body and prepare it for the rest of the movements.

2) Shoulder Press Progression – 30 seconds of Dumbbell Shoulder Press; 30 seconds of Upright Rows; 30 seconds of Lateral Raises

3) Dumbbell Curls – 8 to 12 reps.  For variation, you can also do a curl with your palms facing each other, called a Hammer Curl.

4) Triceps Sit/Dip – Start with 6 reps, but work up to 15 as you get stronger.  Make sure you keep your butt close to the chair as you lower yourself toward the ground.  Don’t let your arms go past a 90 degree angle.  You can move your feet closer to your butt to make the exercise easier, or you can raise one foot off the ground to make the move more challenging.

5) Double Cross – 15 reps for each leg.  Start in a plank position and alternate crossing one leg over the top of the other.  See a video of this move at

6) Staggered Hands Push Ups – Do as many reps as you can with perfect form.  “Every woman should learn how to do push-ups since you can do them anywhere and they use your body weight as resistance for your arm muscles,” says Smith.  Doing different variations of push ups works your chest and arms in different ways.

Couple this workout with one of our other 15 minute celebrity body part workouts like Brooke Burke’s Butt Workout, Halle Berry’s Back, or Jessica Alba’s Abs.

With nearly one-third of American children falling into the category of obese, Mrs. Obama has recognized this as a major problem facing this country and is set to launch a campaign to help local governments put initiatives in place to make more more opportunities available for kids to be physically active.

Source: Fitness Magazine

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