Number-One Pick Sam Bradford’s Rehab Workout Has Him Ready for the NFL Season

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Sam Bradford's Rehab Workout Has Him and the Saint Louis Rams Ready for the NFL Season

The 2010-11 NFL season begins in less than a month. Teams and players alike start their respective missions to win the Super Bowl and dethrone Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

Our first article of the season on NFL workouts and diets takes a look at quarterback Sam Bradford, whom the Saint Louis Rams selected from the University of Oklahoma Sooners with the number-one pick overall in the 2010 NFL draft.

Many skeptics disagreed with taking Sam Bradford with the first pick as he was coming off of shoulder surgery. By draft day, Bradford was bigger and stronger than ever. Indeed, he added more than 12 pounds of muscle. “A lot of people thought I was too small and questioned my durability, so I definitely wanted to address that,” says Bradford in the August 2010 issue of Men’s Fitness.

To show up his critics, Bradford spent 12 weeks at Athletes’ Performance in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Recent picks that trained with Athletes’ Performance include Matthew Stafford (2009 #1 pick), Jake Long (2008 #1 pick), Matt Ryan, JaMarcus Russell (2007 #1 pick), Adrian Peterson, Mario Williams (2006 #1 pick), and Vernon Davis. Here’s a sample at how the athletes trained for the NFL Combine.

Sam Bradford, because of his newly repaired shoulder, took a slightly different route. In particular, he worked with specialist Brett Bech and Dr. James Andrews (the surgeon who repaired Bradford’s shoulder). Bradford worked out twice a day for 90 minutes with an emphasis on rehabilitating his shoulder. “Our number-one goal was his arm stability, mobility, and strength,” says Bech.

With that in mind, Bradford’s workout routine initially consisted of high reps and limited range of motion. His mission was to focus on the quality of movement and not weight. Specifically, he went away from the barbell bench press in favor of dumbbells so that his elbows never went below his shoulders.

In addition, Bradford would pair upper-body exercises, such as the dumbbell bench press, with a lower-body exercise, like single-leg Romanian deadlifts. Bradford also went with single-leg squats, single-arm pulldowns, triceps extensions, and lots of core work. He would end his workouts with foam rolling and a deep-tissue massage.

Although it’s still early, thanks to this workout, Sam Bradford has already made a fine impression on the Rams.

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