P90X: Hottest Celebrity Workout Product of 2009

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P90X Celebrity Users: P90X is Workout Product of the Year

P90X was perhaps the most popular workout program in 2009.  Celebrities love the at-home workout system developed by trainer Tony Horton that operates on the principle of muscle confusion.  The  program comes with 12 DVDs and a diet plan to follow for 90 days.The program consists of three different phases to prevent plateauing.   The program not only includes a variety of fat-burning and muscle-building exercises, but also includes plyometrics, kenpo, yoga, core training, and stretching. It will help burn fat, build muscle, and increase cardio fitness. P90X is the  best-selling workout product out there and it is well worth the price. With this workout, you will definitely get you the celebrity results you’ve always wanted… That is, if you can stick with it.

Some celebrity P90x users:

  • Pink appears on the cover of Women’s Health and tells the mag: “[U]sually, I wake up and do an hour of cardio, then an hour of P90X or yoga, then a half-hour of warm-up [during show rehearsal]. I do that six days a week.” Did I mention she had just had a baby four weeks earlier?
  • Taylor Lautner and other New Moon cast members used P90X to get ready for theirs roles in the latest flick in the Twilight series.
  • Other known celebrity users include singer Sheryl Crow, 90210 star Jenny Garth, Philadelphia Eagles kicker David Akers, Atlanta Braves outfielder Matt Diaz, Without a Trace actress Poppy Montgomery, actress Demi Moore, her husband, actor Ashton Kutcher, Usher, Ewan McGregor, Bryce Dallas Howard, Joey Fatone, and Jason Scheff.
  • Some athletes who use P90x include Emmitt Smith (former RB for the Dallas Cowboys), Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens), Donovan McNabb (QB Washington Redskins), Brian Westbrook (RB Philadelphia Eagles), Brett Favre (QB Minnesota Vikings), Kelly Slater (surfer), Barry Zito (pitcher, San Francisco Giants), Brian Wilson (pitcher, San Francisco Giants), Jo-Jo Reyes (pitcher, Atlanta Braves), Kenny Smith (former Guard for the Houston Rockets; TNT analyst), Ray Allen (Boston Celtics), and Baron Davis (Los Angeles Clippers).
  • Even Congressmen Paul Ryan (R – Wisconsin) and Health Schuler (D – North Carolina) have gotten in on the action.

In the near future,  we’ll be sure to include more posts about other P90X celebrity users and other workout routines. Have you tried it? Post a comment and let us know your experience. If not, there’s nothing like kicking off the new year with a bang. If these P90X celebrities can make the time to workout with P90X, so can you!

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