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MF’s 25 Fittest Celebrity Guys in the World

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Men’s Fitness has released its list of the 25 most fit guys in the world for 2010. Here are their workout tips.

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Saying Goodbye to Nip/Tuck’s Kelly Carlson

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Tonight, devoted fans will tune in to watch the series finale of FX’s hit drama Nip/Tuck. After seven seasons witnessing crime and mutilation, fans will miss the shock-inducing show. Although cosmetic surgery is the core of Nip/Tuck, in life the stars have found less invasive ways to obtain and maintain their celebrity bodies. Kelly Carlson, who [...]

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Dear John…How is Channing Tatum So Fit?

Channing Tatum uses a circuit training program and eats high protein meals to maintain a lean, muscular physique.

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Julia Roberts’ Water Workout

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Julia Roberts’ water workout and resistance band arm exercises.

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Fergie Has Most Desired Body

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Fergie topped this year’s “Famed Hottest Looks” list. Giselle Bundchen was 2nd and Olivia Wilde was third. Hugh Jackman was atop the list for the males.

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NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Mario Lopez, Terrell Owens, Doctor Oz, Chris Tucker, Joel Moore of Avatar, Pitbull, Mark Cuban, Michael Rapaport compete in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

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Celebrity Beach Bowl

Hollywood celebrities and former NFL players will compete in the 4th annual Celebrity Beach Bowl on February 6th.

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Samantha Harris Leaving DWTS to Workout More?

Samantha Harris may be leaving Dancing With the Stars, but still remains one of the fittest women in Hollywood. Here’s er workout routine.

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