June 2010: #8 Celebrity Workout / Celebrity Diet

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Vegetarian Celebrities Use Meal Delivery Services

Vegetarian celebrities and vegan celebrities use healthy meal delivery services like Vegin’ Out, Nu-Kitchen, and Freshology.  Here’s what some vegetarian celebrities have to say about these food delivery services.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

“Fresh Mommy saved me. I can’t imagine having the time to make well balanced meals for myself as well as taking care of my newborn. The food tastes amazing, supplies me with all the nutrients I need to stay healthy and produce milk and on top of all that…helps me lose the baby weight.”

Poppy Montgomery

“Fresh Dining is truly gourmet. I’m so impressed by the quality of the food, and the fact that they use organic ingredients. Everything is so delicious, you never feel like you’re cutting calories or missing out.”

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