How Kobe Bryant Prepares for the Lakers’ Season

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Kobe Bryant Workout: Lakers NBA Finals

The first game of the NBA finals is tonight. Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers faces off against the long-time rival Boston Celtics. Only two seasons ago in the NBA finals, the Lakers had a similar, yet unsuccessful, challenge against the Celtics. Check out the workout Kobe Bryant uses to prepare for the season, according to a recent interview with Mens’ Fitness magazine.

Kobe Bryant and His Workout

Laker legend Kobe Bryant conditions year round to prepare for game day, with hopes of reaching the NBA finals. Kobe says, “During the season, I focus a lot on weight training, obviously building up my strength level as the season progresses. In the off-season, it’s about getting stronger as well, more agile. Also, conditioning plays an important part in that, because you want to make sure you come into the upcoming season in tip-top shape. Then, obviously, you want to get on the basketball floor and work on your skills.”

During the off-season Kobe says his workout is “all Olympic lifts. I do a lot of track work.” This workout includes “clean-pulls, deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, back squats, things of that nature.”

Bulking-Up Yet Maintaining Energy

Kobe Bryant maintains his stamina, especially important during the NBA finals, using ”a combination of lifting weights and doing a conditioning program.” The Laker star says, “Whatever your program is, the key is to push yourself to a level where you’re hurting. You can’t gain conditioning without going through it. You’re going to have to feel some pain, you’re going to have to feel like your lungs are burning, and you know, you want to spit up blood, that sort of thing.”

Fine-Tuning His Skills

Kobe Bryant says, “When I get on the basketball floor, it’s about fine-tuning my skills, it’s not about conditioning. My conditioning comes from just running, whether it’s on a track, or on a field, or on the court itself, just doing suicides, or sprints.” He shoots and makes between 700 and 1,000 shots per day.

Kobe also says his workout routine has changed since he started his NBA career. “It’s become more efficient. I’m not just doing a whole bunch of things. I think when you first come into the league, you kind of figure out what works best for your body, what wears down your body, what doesn’t, recovery, what works best in that area. I’ve been in the league 10 years, 11 years now so I know exactly what works and what doesn’t work for me.”

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