Denver Nuggets Coby Karl TRX Workout

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing. One of the workout tools that got players, like Coby Karl of the Denver Nuggets, to the NBA Playoffs is the TRX. We’ve already written about how this is also a favorite of athletes like Drew Brees and UFC’s Brandon Vera.

Steve Hess, who is the Nuggets’ head strength and conditioning coach, has incorporated the TRX into the Nugget players’ workout program. Indeed, Hess recently told Fitness Anywhere, “[t]he TRX is a constant in the Nuggets’ training equation, a tool that will always be there.” The TRX allows the players to build functional and explosive strength by training in multiple planes.

“If we’re at a gym without a weight room, we’re ready to go. If we’re at a hotel, we’re ready to go. I’ll find any place to put up the TRX. I’ve used it with players outdoors and at the beach. I’ve anchored it to a rim, in hotel rooms and on locker room doors,” said Hess

Coby Karl, who spent the first part of his young career with the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Golden State Warriors, joined the Denver Nuggets this spring. Once there, Coby Karl started taken advantage of this training tool.  Hess created a specific workout for Karl that alternates between slow, controlled movements followed by explosive movements, to help build endurance and explosive power.

Coby Karl TRX Workout

Directions: Complete each exercise with the prescribed number of reps. For exercises using only one side at a time, repeat on the other side before moving to the next exercise. There is no rest between exercises (only enough time to re-adjust  the straps). Complete at least 1 circuit (9 exercises) rest 1-2 minutes. Repeat if you dare.

Exercise Reps Tempo
Row 8 Slow
Row 8 Explosive
Pike 10 Controlled
Leg Raise 10 Slow
Atomic Push-Up 10 Controlled
Lunge 10 Explosive jumps
Biceps Curl (on Single Leg) 10 (each leg) Slow
Triceps Press (on Single Leg) 10 (each leg) Slow
Abducted Lunge 10 Explosive

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