Chelsea Handler Pilates Ab Workout and Diet

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Chelsea Handler is fitter than ever thanks to her diet and this Pilates workout

Comedian and host of Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler is gaining much fame lately as she hosts the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) and graces the cover of the April 2010 issue of Shape magazine (as well as the December 2009 issue of Playboy). Indeed, Chelsea seems to be getting funnier and sexier as she ages ever so gracefully.

This was neither by chance nor was this easy, however. As Chelsea Handler tells Shape, following her father’s quadruple-bypass surgery, Chelsea knew she had to change her ways. She hired a nutritionist and started a new workout routine. “Not only am I fitter, I feel more energized and focused too,” she says.

Chelsea Handler’s Diet

Now, Chelsea aims for wholesome, unprocessed foods. Here’s what Chelsea eats on an average day.

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with protein power and flax seeds.
  • Mid-morning snack: Turkey and arugula salad (no dressing).
  • Lunch: Sushi.
  • Dinner: Sea bass, chicken, or green salad with meat loaf. (Here’s the meatloaf recipe.)
  • On-stage snacks: 2-3 Doritos chips (and she throws the rest of the small bag away).

In general, Chelsea gladly made the necessary changes, but she was clear that she wasn’t giving up cocktails with her girlfriends. Fortunately for her, her nutritionist told her that was okay as long as she stuck to vodka (70 calories per ounce) with club or diet soda.

However, despite her diet and time at the change, Chelsea was unhappy with the results. She had tried yoga and running, but couldn’t seem to put a dent in her belly. Then she discovered Pilates.

For the last few years, Chelsea’s been working five to six days per week with Tina Marie Bergen (Firefly Pilates, Santa Monica, CA). Whether it’s on a mat or on a reformer, “[s]he’s seen serious results: her posture has improved, her belly is flatter and stronger, and she looks leaner,” says Tina. In her interview with Women’s Fitness, Chelsea says she’ll even throw in some sprints to keep her workouts fresh.

Try incorporating these Pilates moves featured in Shape magazine (April 2010) into your workout to get sexy abs like Chelsea Handler in just a few short weeks.

Chelsea Handler Workout

Directions: Do one set of each of these six exercises; Do the workout 2-3 times per week.

Equipment: dumbbells (or weighted balls), a Pilates ring, and a Pilates mat.

Scissor-leg Hundred

Body part(s): abs, legs

Reps: 100

Directions: Lie face up with your legs and arms extended along the floor, toes pointed in the same direction. Extend legs straight up. Bring your right leg down to about six inches off the floor so that your legs are scissored. Lift your head and shoulders off the mat along with your arms (which are a few inches off the mat). To start, keep your legs still as you pulse your arms up and down. Pulse 5 times as you breathe in, and then pulse 5 times as you breathe out. That’s 10 pulses. Switch legs every 10 pulses.

Weighted Roll-up

Body part(s): abs

Reps: 10

Directions: Hold a dumbbell with both hands while lying face up with your arms extended behind you (palms up) and toes pointed so that you form a straight line from hands to toes. To start, begin to inhale as you lift your arms overhead to roll up. Then exhale as you continue leaning forward to extend your arms past your toes, which should now be flexed. (Your arms are parallel to the ground.) Inhale as you start to return and exhale as you finish returning to the starting position. That’s 1 rep.

Double-leg Stretch

Body part(s): abs

Reps: 10

Directions: Lie face up with your knees bent up 90 degrees so that your knees are over your hips. Lift your head and shoulders off the mat and put your hands on your knees to pull in your abs. To start, exhale as you simultaneously raise your arms behind you so that are 45 degrees off the mat (your arms should be even with your ears) and extend your legs 45 degrees (in the other direction). Return to the starting position. That’s 1 rep.

Prone Arm Raise

Body part(s): back, shoulders

Reps: 15-20

Directions: Lie face down and lift your head off the mat (facing the mat) so that your body aligns from head to toes. Pull your shoulders down and back. To start, inhale and lift your hands a few inches. Hold this position as you exhale. Then inhale and lower your hands to the original position. Exhale. that’s 1 rep. (Optional: hold a dumbbell in each hand.)

Side Bend

Body part(s): core

Reps: 5-8 per side

Directions: Form a straight line by balancing on your right hand and right foot with your left foot stacked on top of it. (Your body is about 45 degrees to the mat.) To start, inhale as you lower your hips a few inches. Exhale as you lift your hips and extend your left arm overhead (also in line with your body). Return your arm. That’s 1 rep. Do all the reps for the right side, then switch to the left side.

Side Leg Raise

Body part(s): legs, chest, abs

Reps: 15 per side

Directions: Lie on your right side. Hold a Pilates ring in front of your torso with your left hand pressing on one its pad to push it toward the mat. Turn your legs out at the hips so that your heels are together. to start the move, press down on the ring and inhale as you raise the left leg straight up (feet pointed). Exhale as you lower the leg (feet flexed). That’s 1 rep. Do all the reps for the right side, then switch to the left side.

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