Celebrity Workout Secrets to Get You Motivated

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SherylCro Georg 13820997 265x300 Celebrity Workout Secrets to Get You Motivated fitness tips Fitness Magazine has put together 17 workout secrets of Hollywood’s hottest stars.  Tyra Banks, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, and others offer their secrets for staying focused and fit.

Here are some of the examples in the article:

Penelope Cruz gets her fitness outside. “Workouts aren’t just about burning calories, they’re about getting in shape for the things you love,” says trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Jessica Simpson uses one for wall squats, says trainer Harley Pasternak, keeping the ball behind her back to maintain proper form as she sculpts her legs and butt.

Trainer Joe Dowdell has actress Claire Danes hoist some hefty weights during her high-intensity workouts.

Singer Sheryl Crow regularly cross-trains with a combo of running and cycling.

Julia Roberts stays in shape with do-anywhere resistance-band exercises from trainer Kathy Kaehler, including standing on the band for double biceps curls and front and lateral shoulder raises.

Kate Hudson keeps fit by mixing things up. In addition to running, she takes Sheila Kelley’s S Factor (pole dancing and striptease) classes regularly — in 6-inch heels!

Madonna should wear a helmet while she rides, but even so, cycling is a great way to cross-train, burning more than 500 calories an hour at a moderate pace and sculpting the abs, legs, and butt.

Leave a comment and let us know which tips you plan to use to stay fit in 2010. Do you have any tips or secrets of your own?

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