Celebrity Trainers’ Workout Tips for Ladies

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Recently People StyleWatch chatted with several celebrity trainers to learn how Hollywood’s sexiest ladies stay in shape. The stars have workout tips and favorite moves from yoga, to dance, to running. Check out what how hot celebrity trainers get six of your favorite A-listers camera ready!

Kate Bosworth’s trainer Maria Leone says, “A dancer’s physique is what we are after.” To prepare Kate for one of her favorite activities, horseback riding, Maria says, ”We keep her body streamlined and toned using light spring resistance to strengthen her upper body. While performing legwork we always incorporate a lot of flexibility to increase range of motion of her legs.”

Tina Fey’s Pilates instructor Kristin McGee says, “I would say Tina’s a yoga girl.” ”She liked the chaturanga, [which] is a narrow arm push-up. Her upper body is beautiful. She loves the fact that she can do the chaturanga to add a little bit of that tone.”

Kristin McGee also trains Leann Rimes. Kristin says, “She’s a runner and you get really tight in the front of your quads.” To combat muscle soreness, Kristin taught Leann the importance of stretching her quads before and after a run.

Super-hot celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson says Gwyneth Paltrow’s Iron Man 2 workout routine included nearly two hours per day of dance aerobics. Tracy says, “I put her through a lot.”  ”Dance aerobics is her favorite thing to do because she’s a pretty wicked dancer now.”

Rihanna’s trainer Ary Nunez says, ”The RealRyder is one of my three top choices in training Rihanna.” “We burn fat! We make muscle! But mostly? We have fun!” The RealRyder is a stationary bike that provides a total-body workout by allowing side-t0-side motion.

Finally, Anna Paquin, who looks incredible in the latest season of True Blood, is a natural athlete. Her trainer Clay Burwell says, “Anna is a very easy going, fun person to be around.” ”She is also an incredible athlete who can run ten miles a day, box for over an hour and then do Pilates – all before 11 AM. She truly loves exercise, and to her, it’s just fun.”

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