Zach Parise Almost Carries Team USA to Gold Medal

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Zach Parise Leads Team USA to a Silver Medal

The U.S. Men’s Hockey team may have come up short in its quest to repeat the “Miracle on Ice” when it lost to Canada 3-2 today. Team USA did not go down without a fight, however, as left forward, Zach Parise of the New Jersey Devils tied things up with 24.4 seconds left in regulation. No surprise there given the training regimen of Parise – one of the best young athletes in the NHL.

During the off-season, he spends the bulk of his time doing lunge movements, which help generate the power necessary to check opponents.  Furthermore, he works out about 90 minutes, then shoots pucks heavier than those typically used in a regulation game.

Parise’s Workout to build explosive lower body and core strength:

Resistance Squats: Squat with a spotter on each end of the barbell (Parise uses 140 lbs) pushing down toward the floor for 10 seconds as you push up as hard as you can. Do this for 3 reps each set (for as many sets as you can).

Lunge Jumps: Enter a lunge stance, and jump up with the lead leg powering you up. Alternate legs while in mid-air. (Parise does 50 reps in a row).

Twists on a Swiss Ball: While sitting on a Swiss Ball, hold a hockey stick (or broom or the like), and twist.  For added resistance, Parise has his trainer pull in the opposite direction.

Parise finished these Winter Olympic games with four goals, but with workouts like this one, Parise, who is just 25 years old, and Team USA likely will be in contention for Olympic Gold in 2014 – assuming NHL players will take part.

Source: Men’s Fitness, February 2010 at p. 42

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