What’s New in Celebrity Diets and Celebrity Workouts

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Kellen Lutz and What Else is New in Celebrity Workouts and Celebrity Diets

Here’s the latest news on the celebrity workouts and celebrity diets of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

Kellen Lutz of New Moon…and Calvin Klein’s newest underwear model…

Kellen Lutz told the New York Times he worked with a trainer to “bulk up his chicken legs” and gave up candy.  “You have to look like you enjoy what you’re selling.  It doesn’t look that hard, but a lot of people don’t think about what goes into it.”

Paris Hilton…

“I’ve been really working out. I’m not eating fast food anymore. “No more McDonalds, In-N-Out done,” Paris Hilton added. “[I'm] getting my bikini body, so I’m about that,” the star told US Magazine.  Clearly, cutting out fast food should not only be a staple of celebrity diets, but that of anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Matthew Morrison of Glee…

“I’m a big runner, so before I go into work I try to get in at least a five-mile run. And this sounds silly, but after the day is done, before I leave my trailer, I do a headstand. It kind of gets all the blood in my head and it kind of lets me forget about everything, like ‘All right, we’re starting fresh, let’s go,’” the actor told Parade magazine.

Radcliffe thumb Whats New in Celebrity Diets and Celebrity Workouts fitness news celebrity fitness Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe…

“Daniel wants to completely re-sculpt his body and has taken Ronaldo as his inspiration,” a source told Britain’s The Sun.  “”Daniel is taking his fitness regime really seriously. He envies [Ronaldo's] muscle definition and is hoping to get a similar six-pack for himself.”  Not a bad role model to have as the soccer player was named one of the 25 Fittest Guys in the World by Men’s Fitness earlier this year.  Radcliffe has a few shirtless scenes in his upcoming musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

Kate Gosselin of Dancing With the Stars

“I have resumed running daily and have smiled as I’ve reunited with an “old” friend, my treadmill. “Sad, I realize, but I LOVE running, and due to time constraints took a break during the two months of dance rehearsal,” Gosselin blogged.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Russell Brand…

Russ was put through his paces in a boxing workout with personal trainer Krav Magra in the Hollywood Hills,” as he prepares to shape up for his wedding to Katy Perry.

LL Cool J’s new bicep workout…

LL appeared on The View this week and did a few curls on set.  Dumbells? No.  Straight Bar? No.  Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Yes.

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