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Our top 10 celebrity workouts and celebrity diets of April.

10)  Top 5 Celebrity Diets: Macrobiotic Diet
The Macrobiotic Diet is an organic, plant-based diet implementing elements of Zen Buddhism to create balanced eating.

9)  Top 5 Celebrity Diets: The Clean Program
The Clean Program is a three-week cleansing diet used by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Donna Karen.

8)  Pamela Anderson Dancing with the Stars Workout
Pamela Anderson works out with Damien Whitewood and follows a vegan diet, low in fat and high in complex carbs, to get in shape for Dancing with the Stars.

7)  Celebrity Favorite Summer Workouts
When the weather gets hot and the bikinis come out, celebrities feel added pressure to slim down. Check out what Marisa Miller, Kerry Washington, Carrie Ann Inaba, Rachel Bilson, Kristen Bell, and Brooklyn Decker do to workout during the summer!

6)  Top 5 Celebrity Diets: Five Squares
The second celebrity diet in our five-part series, Five Squares is diet free of a dairy, wheat, and refined sugar, used by celebrities such as Vanessa Williams and America Ferrera. Five Squares is low in calories, yet maintainable, and can be delivered to your home.

5) Major League Baseball Training and Workout Tips
Several Major League Baseball players including Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard, and Ryan Zimmerman, spend the off-season working out with trainer Jason Riley to improve agility, range of motion, and functional strength.

4)  Top 5 Celebrity Diets: The Blueprint Cleanse
The first celebrity diet in our five-part series, The Blueprint Cleanse is a three-day liquid, raw, and vegan cleansing diet used by stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Szohr to lose weight by dropping those last few pounds.

3)  Clash of the Titans Greek Warrior Workout
Build the body of a Greek warrior like Sam Worthington as Perseus in the Clash of the Titans using the Spartacus Workout, a circuit-based, max-interval workout routine that will get you buring 800 or more calories while packing on lean muscle.

2)  Brad Pitt Workout and Diet for Fight Club
The celebrity workout routine and diet Brad Pitt used to prepare for his role as Tyler Durden in Fight Club. By working a different muscle group five days per week, Pitt lowered his body fat percentage to 5-6% and set the bar (that has lasted over 10 years) for desired celebrities bodies.

1)  Tracy Anderson and Her Secrets to a Celebrity Body
Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson has transformed the bodies of A-list celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa, Shakira, Molly Sims, Madonna, Kate Hudson, Courtney Cox, and Jennifer Aniston with her innovative strength, cardio-dance, and diet routine.

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