Top 10 Fittest Celebrities You Don’t Know

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Ryan Kwanten is one of the Fittest Celebrities You Don't Know

Here is The Celebrity Workout’s Top 10 Fittest Celebrities You Don’t Know. Even though many of the following (future) stars appear in popular TV shows and/or movies, many of them are relatively unknown.  In addition, most people don’t realize that these unknowns are some of the fittest celebrities around.

Ryan Kwanten – True Blood

Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, is atop the list of fittest celebrities. He is a former tri-athlete (and L.A. Biathlon winner in 2006 and 2007) and welterweight boxing champ. Ryan Kwanten has one the best celebrity bodies in the business. To maintain his celebrity body, Kwanten does not limit himself to any particular type of workout.  Indeed, his workouts range from body weight exercises, like push ups and pull ups, to yoga and from rope jumping to interval training (HIIT) – Ryan Kwanten does it all.  Check back for more on Ryan Kwanten as Season 3 of True Blood approaches.

Paul Bettany – Legion

A self-described “beer and bread man,” Paul Bettany recently transformed his body in preparation for his role in Legion by altering his metabolism by eating multiple meals per day. In addition, Paul Bettany used circuit training to build muscle fast and to further increase his metabolism.

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Maggie Q – Live Free or Die Hard, Mission: Impossible III

Maggie Q, star of Live Free or Die Hard and Mission: Impossible III, is a vegetarian who does all types of workouts to stay in shape including running, yoga, swimming, boxing, and martial arts.  Indeed, Maggie Q warrants her own article, so be on the lookout for Maggie Q’s own article.

Sean Faris – Vampire Diaries

Sean Faris of the Vampire Diaries is another of the fittest celebrities whose fitness levels are unknown to most.  Previously on TCW, we disclosed how Sean Faris uses workouts to shock the body by mixing up the number of reps (some sets with lots of reps at a low weight and other sets with low reps at a heavy weight).

Amber Heard – Hidden Palms

Amber Heard got her body while filming Hidden Palms.  Amber Heard says she got in shape by doing some of the obvious, such as giving up alcohol and increasing her workouts.  However, ultimately, it was Amber’s macrobiotic diet (no meat, dairy or processed sugar) that got her that beautiful body.

Zoe Saldana – Avatar

Zoe Saldana may have starred in Avatar, but very few people realize how fit Saldana is. As previously discussed on TCW, Zoe Saldana maintains her Na’vi figure through a combination of Pilates and a flexible and sensible diet.

Mark Valley – Human Target

The Human Target, Mark Valley, is 45 years old, but that doesn’t stop him for his rigorous workouts that focus on increasing core strength and functional movement.

yvonnestrahovsky thumb Top 10 Fittest Celebrities You Dont Know fitness news featured celebrity fitness Yvonne Strahovski – Chuck

Another one of our fittest celebrities is Yvonne Strahovski, who plays secret agent, Sarah Walker, on Chuck. Among other workout, she sometimes uses the Forza workout.  Forza is a core workout based on samurai swordship. You can even use a samurai sword to do this workout like agent Walker! However, if don’t have access to such a sword or you otherwise think that’s a bad idea, the workout can be done using a broom stick or other long, dull (i.e., NOT SHARP) weighted object. With a workout routine like this, it’s no wonder Yvonne Strahovski is one of the fittest celebrities (and – in this humble author’s opinion – the most beautiful celebrity) in Hollywood. Come back next week for a detailed look at Yvonne and Forza that will coincide with next week’s new episode of Chuck.

AnnaLynne McCord – Beverly Hills: 90210

Beverly Hills: 90210 star, AnnaLynne McCord doesn’t even own a gym membership! She maintains her slim body by eating healthy, home-cooked meals and by practicing belly dancing.  With a belly like hers, clearly the belly dancing DVDs are working. Stay tuned as we’ll be taking a more detailed look at AnnaLynne McCord over the next week.

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Andy Whitfield – Spartacus: Blood & Sand

Andy Whitfield, former model and engineer, stars as the lead role in the new Starz drama, Spartacus: Blood & Sand.  To get the body of a true Spartan, he used the aptly-named “Spartacus Workout,” a challenging full body circuit training routine that pushes you to your limits and has you burning fat at an unprecedented rate.  To be one of the fittest celebrities, like Andy Whitfield, the Spartacus Workout is not for the timid.

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