Scrubs’ Sarah Chalke’s Slimming Diet and Workout

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Scrubs Sarah Chalke Slimming Diet and Workout

After 9 seasons, ABC’s hit show Scrubs says its final farewell tonight. Because we know letting go is hard, we are providing you with one last look at fan favorite Elliot Reid. Elliot, played by actress Sarah Chalke, is known for her slim, sexy body, which she often flaunts in skimpy lingerie on the show. Although Sarah is a natural beauty, feeling confident strutting your stuff on national television requires an impressive diet and workout routine!

Sarah’s Diet:

Sarah has always been a healthy eater. In fact, she was a vegetarian from ages 12 to 17. At 17 she started eating fish again, and then slowly reintroduced chicken and red meat. Sarah says, “I was raised to eat good-for-you foods, but we often had pie or ice cream for dessert. So that’s how I eat now — I love really, really healthy stuff followed by a really, really naughty dessert, like pumpkin pie.” Her favorite indulgence is dark chocolate, and she always has some in her drawer. Sarah says, “I sometimes make hot-chocolate soup, which is basically a thick bar of chocolate melted and topped with whipped cream.” Staples in Sarah’s diet include eggs, apples, peanut butter, fresh berries, and tea. Despite the Hollywood pressure to stay slim, which Sarah acknowledges, she believes it is important to “find a happy medium and put your health first.” Sarah doesn’t even own a scale!

Sarah’s Workout Routine:

Although Sarah eats healthy, she has to counteract the occasional “chocolate soup” indulgence. To burn extra calories, Sarah hikes with her dog, runs on her treadmill, cross-trains, and practices yoga. One of Sarah’s favorite cross-training classes is Xflowsion, which combines martial arts, yoga, and power dance. Sarah says, “There’s so much variety that an hour and 15 minutes just flies by and you never get bored. It incorporates a lot of yoga, which improves your flexibility and your strength, and then you get to do boxing. That’s my favorite part, because it’s such a great release. I feel so much stronger now, and I definitely have lots of energy.” She also enjoys yoga on its own because it reduces her stress, but like most people, she struggles to keep her mind clear for over an hour. Sarah says, “After 2 seconds I’m thinking, ‘Okay, what am I going to do after this?’” Most importantly, Sarah likes variety and it sounds like she is getting plenty of it!

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