Saying Goodbye to Nip/Tuck’s Kelly Carlson

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Nip/Tuck (Nip Tuck) Kelly Carlson celebrity fitness workout diet

Tonight, devoted fans will tune in to watch the series finale of FX’s hit drama Nip/Tuck. After seven seasons witnessing crime and mutilation, fans will miss the shock-inducing show. Although cosmetic surgery is the core of Nip/Tuck, in life the stars have found less invasive ways to obtain and maintain their celebrity bodies.

Kelly Carlson, who plays Kimber Henry, provided with some insight on how she feels happy and beautiful without going under the knife. Kelly half-jokingly says she found happiness by turning 30. And admits that “actually that had a lot to do with it.” Kelly says, “I just try and take good care of myself and I try and stay on the path, like you can get kind of jaded out here. I stay real low profile, try and keep my eye on the ball and I just try and take care of myself. Do healthy things that are good for me.”

Kelly also says, “I’m pretty comfortable with my body and I work hard at it, but I’m certainly not perfect.” She says her nude scenes on the show are not retouched because “I work my ass off on my body.” Kelly stays ready to bare-all on camera by working out and eating healthy. She says, “I lift weights. I eat really healthy. I rarely drink alcohol. I had a half of a drink tonight but I haven’t had a drink in six months. I just don’t.” Although nude scenes are a great motivator to work out, Kelly also says that hitting the gym makes her feel good. “You just look better and feel better. I recommend everybody exercise a little bit.” We agree!

If you want to learn more about Kelly Carlson and her workout routine, check out our post from January.

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