Royal Sister Pippa Middleton Loves Her Pilates And Dukan Diet

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Royal Sister Pippa Middleton Loves Her Pilates And Dukan Diet

Now that the frenzy around her wedding has finally died down and Kate Middleton is settling into married life, the media has seemingly diverted its attention to a new Middleton – Kate’s more outgoing, fun-loving sister, Pippa. Since the wedding, Pippa Middleton has soared in popularity to become the new It Royal, leaving fans obsessing over her social life, fashion sense, and of course – her diet and exercise secrets.

Pippa’s figure first began to attract attention at the Royal Wedding, when she debuted her now famous white Alexander McQueen maid of honor dress. Within days, the world was clamoring to know how she not only fit so well in the dress, but how Pippa Middleton keeps so fit in general.

At first, the 27-year-old revealed that her secret was a strict no-carb diet and a rigorous Pilates routine. She thanks her program of choice, Pilates On the Go, saying, “Pilates has been a wonderful escape from my busy lifestyle. Whether it’s 7am in the morning or 7pm at night I always leave feeling calm, refreshed and invigorated.” She credits the exercises for her overall body strength and noticeably perfect posture. “From breathing techniques, muscle toning to overall flexibility and relaxation, my Pilates sessions have become something of a weekly necessity.”

But soon, it was reported that Pippa Middleton (and even her mother Carole Middleton) had a bigger technique to staying little – the Dukan Diet, a new diet designed by Dr. Pierre Dukan. The Dukan Diet, a personalized weight-loss program that redesigns your eating habits to prevent future weight gain, has been widely popular in France but is gaining popularity in the States. The protein-based program aims at targeting your ‘Real Weight,’ a goal weight that you can realistically achieve and maintain for the rest of your life. It concentrates more on losing weight for the long run rather than dropping the pounds fast via a “dramatic” diet. It is made up of 4 main phases, as shared by Hollywood Life, which can actually be altered to best fit each person:

1.      Attack
This is probably the hardest phase, but with hard work comes great results! Eat pure protein products to kick-start your diet. During this phase, you can eat 72 high-protein foods enabling immediate and noticeable weight loss.
2.      Cruise
This phase brings you to your ‘True Weight.’ You’ll gradually lose weight by alternative pure protein days with protein and vegetable days. The average length of this phase is based on a schedule of 3 days for each pound you want to lose.
3.      Consolidation
After you lose a lot of weight, your body tends to want to gain it all back. This phase helps prevent that rebound by returning the foods you used to indulge in with a few ‘celebration’ meals a week.
This phase follows a strict timeline – 5 days per every pound lost in Cruise Phase.
4.      Permanent Stabilization
Keep this new weight by following these three rules:
a.       Consume 3 Tablespoons of oat bran per day.
b.      Choose to take the stairs whenever possible.
c.       Have a pure-protein Thursday, i.e. Attack Phase menu.

Find out more about Pippa Middleton’s favorite diet here.

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