Rihanna Stays Healthy And Fit With A No-Carb Diet And Fresh Workouts

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Rihanna Stays Healthy And Fit With No-Carb Diets And Fresh Workouts

23-year-old R&B star Rihanna has been lighting up stages across the world this summer on her Loud tour. But Rihanna has been attracting attention offstage as well, most recently with her controversial Tweet about her shoot for Esquire Magazine: “I shot my first cover yesterday with Russell James… not much preparation: just wax and starve!” Fans were shocked or outraged, tweeting back, “That’s a bad message for your fans” and “What kind of role model are you?” While many concede that it most likely was a joke, Rihanna hasn’t publicly addressed the issue. Earlier in the year, however, Rihanna did address the topic of body image – declaring that she has learned to love her curves.

Rihanna has always been known as having one of most envied bodies in Hollywood – fit, but still shapely and not rail thin. Since she isn’t starving herself, here’s how she’s really staying in such great shape: “a lot of hard work.” Diet-wise, the singer says, “Carbs are the enemy!” She usually eats egg whites and pineapple for breakfast, fish and potatoes for lunch, and more fish for dinner. “I hate vegetables, but I make myself eat them,” she says.

As for her toned legs and slim waist, Rihanna says, “Cardio is key. I lift weights, but I don’t want my legs to bulk up, so I do a lot of cardio.” Rihanna’s personal trainer and owner of Gotham Global Fitness, Ary Nunez, also helps the singer keep her workouts new and exciting. “Rihanna gets bored, so I gotta keep it fresh,” says Ary. Here are 3 general tips Ary uses when working with Rihanna, as shared with Vogue, that you can adapt to your own workouts:

1. Listen to your body.
Nuñez emphasizes that your body will not respond physically if you’re not giving it what it’s asking for. “I’m working with an individual—it’s like we’re sparring, we’re reading each other,” she says. “If Rihanna comes in and has an enormous burst of energy, we’re going to work with that energy. If she’s coming in and is exhausted from work, then the workout focus changes to ‘How can I restore you, so you can be up and working again tomorrow?’”

2. Keep it fresh.
Nunez combines her knowledge of martial arts, dance, and calisthenics to keep Rihanna interested. The biggest muscle is the brain. “Every minute, every second is different,” says Nuñez.

3. Know what you’re training for.
“If we’re training for a tour, we work on stamina, so she’s able last for 2–3 hours on a stage,” she says. But the workout changes if Rihanna is preparing for a movie role or the red carpet. You build a workout around a goal.

These tips will help you on the path towards a rockstar body like Rihanna’s in no time!

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