Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice Eats “Skinny Italian”

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Teresa Giudice is a fan favorite on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Well known for her Italian family, love for fashion, and four adorable daughters, Teresa Giudice certainly makes Real Housewives of New Jersey more entertaining.

On this season’s premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and her entire family made pasta sauce from scratch. Hoping to share her Italian heritage with fans, Teresa Giudice published a healthy Italian cookbook featuring her family’s recipes. Recently, That’s Fit interviewed Teresa Giudice about her new cookbook, “Skinny Italian.”

Wholesome Ingredients make “Skinny Italian”

Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice says a common mistake Americans make when preparing Italian food is putting sugar in red sauce. Instead, Teresa believes “Skinny Italian” uses wholesome ingredients. Teresa says, “I go to the farmer’s market, kind of like my parents and grandparents would do back in the day. The fruits and vegetables are the freshest there. I used to take my daughters, but now I have four of them so we can’t all fit in the car — there isn’t enough room for all of them and the groceries!”

Teresa learned to cook “Skinny Italian” from her parents, who are immigrants from Italy. Teresa says, “Everything I cook is what I learned from my mom. When I first got married, I bought cookbooks to impress my husband. But then the recipes all had a million funky ingredients that I would never use in my food! My parents are right off the boat, and I cook exactly how my mom cooks.”

Teresa’s Daily Diet

Teresa Giudice also snacks on wholesome foods. She says, “I eat a lot of nuts like almonds, walnuts and pecans because nuts are great for your heart. I also eat dried fruit like prunes. I try to eat five small meals a day, but sometimes if I don’t have time to eat a whole meal I will snack. But I’m always eating.” Her favorite meal is tagliatelle, aptly named “Teresa’s Favorite Tagliatelle” in her cookbook.

Although Teresa is a healthy eater, she can’t resist the occasional indulgence. Teresa says, “cannoli and pignoli cookies are my favorite sweets. If I go to a party and see cannoli there, I’m definitely going to eat them. I’m not one of those people who can just have three bites of steak and not eat the whole thing. You have to enjoy life.”

Raising Healthy Kids

Not only does Teresa eat “Skinny Italian,” she feeds her kids the same way. Teresa says, “I make baby Audriana pastina with egg. I also mash up a whole banana; sometimes I boil pears and mash them up in the mini food processor.” Luckily, “My girls are are not picky eaters, and they love all of my cooking.” The best way to raise healthy kids is to cook for them yourself. That way, you know exactly what they are eating. Teresa say, “I cook for [my kids] seven days a week.”

Eating Healthy in Restaurants

Teresa says, “I almost always order fish because I think that’s the healthiest. I love Chilean sea bass, grilled or with white wine sauce.” “If the restaurant makes homemade pasta, something special, I’ll order that because I love homemade pasta, but I usually stick with the fish.”

Finding Time for the Gym

Teresa Giudice has four young daughters and stars on Real Housewives of New Jersey, which keep her very active. Although she has little time for the gym, Teresa says “My husband tells me not do cardio because he doesn’t want me to lose my a**! He always tells me to do squats instead of the treadmill. But when I find the time to work out, I do cardio on the treadmill. I also do weight training because I like to be toned and have definition.”

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