Private Practice Star Kate Walsh – Workout and Diet

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ABC’s hit drama Private Practice is back this Thursday, and sure to stir up some emotions. On the show, the always-glowing actress Kate Walsh plays pre-natal surgeon Addison Montgomery. Although Kate’s character on the show has her share of problems, the real-life Kate Walsh appears funny and down-to-earth. Check out what Kate has to say about her workout and diet!

Kate Walsh Enjoys Pilates, but Sometimes Skips a Workout

Kate Walsh recently shared some workout secrets with Women’s Health. When asked whether her “glow” was due to a recent sweat session, Kate responded, “Well…I was supposed to do Pilates this morning. I got as far as putting the sports bra on. Then I realized there was no way I was about to drive through traffic and go to the gym. Noooo. So I threw my bathrobe on over the bra and read the paper. Sometimes I hope that through osmosis I might get a workout — just by wearing the clothes.”

Kate’s personal trainer, Juliet Kaska, told VIVmag that Kate has a Pilates studio in her home. Kate combines core work with resistance training, and listens to soothing music to achieve the right energy.

Kate Walsh has tried Every Diet, but Settled on Eating Healthily

Kate also admitted to following a crazy diet (or two) in attempt to shed pounds. She says, “I’ve done every diet there is. When I quit smoking years ago, I did the cabbage soup diet. I went on Atkins because I was going to have foot surgery. I knew I wouldn’t be able to move or work out and I was afraid of becoming huge. I remember sitting by the pool with my legs elevated, eating a mixing bowl’s worth of whipped cream with Equal in it.”

Although Kate has tried many diets, she is not overly-concerned with her weight. She told Us Magazine, “I’ve never been skinny. I’ve never been a size zero.” “Even when I was born, I was probably bigger than the other babies. It’s really not a priority to me.” Eventually she gave up on the fad diet trend and settled on healthy, balanced eating. She says, ”I try to eat healthy foods, but then of course I really do love junk food, too. I still love my potato chips. I try to eat organic, but it’s really expensive and not everybody can do that.”

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