Pamela Anderson’s Dancing with the Stars Workout

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Pamela Anderson's Dancing with the Stars Workout

Tonight on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the StarsPamela Anderson competes hoping to bolster her chances of lasting until the finale. The show itself is a workout and weight loss miracle for contestants, previously helping Kelly Osbourne drop 42 pounds!

The final ladies, including Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, have all amped up their workout and are seeing impressive results. Check out Pamela Anderson’s Dancing with the Stars workout and diet secrets!

Pamela Anderson’s Workout

Pamela Anderson has a curvaceous body, which she often flaunts in barely-there attire. Although the mother of two always looks hot, she has not always followed a strict workout routine. Pam says, “I didn’t even have a fitness regimen before the show.” Now, she says “exercising on top of eating well has made me feel unstoppable!” Pam works out with her partner on Dancing with the Stars, dancing pro Damian Whitewood. She says she is “toned all over” and notices her “stomach is more defined.” What do the couple’s workouts consist of? “Whatever Damian says!”

Pamela Anderson’s Diet

Pamela Anderson stays slim and healthy by following a vegan diet. She eats plant-based foods low in fat and high in complex carbs. Staples in her diet are leafy greens and beans. Leafy greens, such as spinach and kale, are high in vitamin K which supports bone health. Beans are high in soluble fiber which improves digestive health and cholesterol levels. Beans are also high in potassium, promoting lower blood pressure, and high in folic acid, supporting heart health. Even if you are a meat eater, adding leafy greens and beans to your diet is a sure-fire way to improve your health!

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