Oscar Workout: How Celebrities Get Red Carpet Ready

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Sandra Bullock and Her Workout Won Her an Oscar

Sunday at the Oscars, celebrities wowed on the red carpet with designer gowns, expensive jewels, glowing skin, and hot bods. Everyone enjoys Oscar fashion, and it is the talk of Hollywood for weeks to come. Although the designer duds are incredible on their own, it can’t be denied that the stunning stars showcasing the looks add a certain oomph. For example, beautiful people gracing the Oscar red carpet included Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Rachel McAdams, and Zoe Saldana.

Although celebrities exercise year round, they often amp up their workout routine in the weeks preceding premiers and award shows. Even if you aren’t expecting to be nominated for an award, you probably want to be in top-shape for the special events in your life. According to MSNBC Fitness Trainer, Kathy Kaehler, all you need is 2 weeks to tone-up.

To slim down before your next big event, try these tips Kathy provided to MSNBC:

1. Two weeks before the event

  • Kathy recommends you “increase your workout time (adding 15 to 20 minutes to each session), frequency (hitting the gym at least five to six times a week) and intensity (really going for the burn).”
  • “For your cardio workouts, increase the intensity by going up in levels on the machines or adding some sprints or hills to your runs/walks so that you are burning more calories.”
  • “For the strength part of your workouts (up to three days a week), focus on alternating workouts of heavier weights/fewer reps with lighter weights/more reps to challenge your muscles in different ways.”

2. The week before the event

  • Watch what you eat. Kathy tells her clients to “cut sugar, salt and alcohol.”
  • Kathy says, “watching what you heat will help you feel and look lean. You will also have amazing energy for your workouts.”
  • The day before the event, Kathy recommends “sticking with lean proteins and complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, and limiting fruit and veggies to avoid feeling bloated or gassy.”

3. The day of the event

  • Work out the day of the event. Kathy says her “favorite exercise for the day of the event is a long brisk walk with hills. This tightens the legs and hips, and burns lots of calories. Go for at least 45 minutes.”
  • Kathy recommends following this by holding the plank position for three sets of one-minute holds. “A plank is a yoga move where you start off lying on the floor, tummy down.”
  • “Next, support your body by lifting up on your forearms and your toes, keeping your body perfectly straight. Press your shoulder blades down toward your waist. Keep your abs pulled in, and your neck aligned with your spine. Hold for 60 seconds.”

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