New Workout from Bethenny Frankel: Body By Bethenny

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Yoga Workout DVD by Bethenny Frankel: Body By Bethenny

Bethenny Frankel, a Real Housewife of New York City, is one of our favorite fit celebrities. In fact, she is just as passionate about helping people feel fit and healthy as we are here at The Celebrity Workout. To help her fans avoid workout and diet woes, Bethenny Frankel released a lifestyle diet book, a healthy cookbook, and now a workout dvd. Her new workout DVD – Body By Bethenny – is in stores now! For a great review of Body By Bethenny, check out this article from That’s Fit.

Bethenny Frankel approaches diet as a lifestyle, not a regimen or routine. She promotes a healthy lifestyle by allowing occasional indulgences, but suggests keeping splurges in moderation and balancing cravings with healthy eating. For example, order french fries if you are craving them, but stop munching after eating only a few.

Bethenny also believes in a balanced workout. Her favorite workout is yoga - because it promotes strength and flexibility, gets her heart rate up, and cleanses toxins. Instead of feeling guilty when she can’t make it to the gym, Bethenny appreciates when she can work out and makes the most of her sweat sessions.

Body By Bethenny, the new workout DVD from Bethenny Frankel, is sure to help busy women (and men) fit in a daily workout. The DVD is a 40-minute yoga practice, featuring celebrity trainer, Pilates, and yoga instructor Kristen McGee, that stretches and strengthens your entire body. All you need to complete the workout is light weights and a mat. Personally, as a yoga fanatic, I can attest to the effectiveness of a yoga workout – you will find yourself strengthening muscles you didn’t know you had!

Here’s a trailer for Body By Bethenny:

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