Mosley-Mayweather Pre-Fight Workout Tips

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Shane Mosley Floyd Mayweather Pre-Fight Workout Tips

“Sugar” Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather will square off tonight it what is somewhat of a boxing fantasy match-up.  Shane Mosley, known for his speed and athleticism, currently holds the WBA Super World Welterweight title.  Floyd Mayweather, who has previously held six world boxing titles in five different weight classes, takes an undefeated record into the ring against Mosley.

The two fighter’s recently shared some of their pre-bout workout and training tips with Men’s Health.  Here’s a sneak peek and what you can do to get yourself in peak condition like they do.

Have a plan
“If I give my own gameplan, I’m giving the world my remedy on how I train. I can’t give the world my remedy,” says Mayweather.  Now that’s a competitor!  It is important to have a plan when you train and workout though.  Don’t just walk into the gym and wander around.  The only way to constantly achieve new fitness feats is to create a game plan and monitor your results.

Mix it up with intervals
Mosley keeps his running interesting with interval training.  We have long been supporters of incorporating intervals into your workouts as they have been proven to be a fast and effective way to burn fat and increase stamina.  Next time you are at the gym for a cardio session skip the slow boring run and try to crank it up a bit.  Run on the treadmill at about 85% for 30 seconds, then slow it down for a light jog or walk for 60 seconds.  Repeat this 6-10 times.  Once your body gets used to pushing itself you can vary the interval and rest lengths for a tougher challenge.

Find some motivation
“Every day that I go to the boxing gym, I think about what my opponent is doing,” Mayweather says. “In my mind, I’m trying to outwork my opponent. That’s what keeps me physically able to go out there and perform and not get tired. Each time I’m pushing myself more and more to the limit.”

Be versatile
Mosley supplements his gym workouts with bowling, basketball, and snowboarding. “It’s a different form of muscle training,” says Mosley’s trainer, Nazim Richardson. “It gives him that muscle confusion and keeps him agile.”

Get your rest
“His body has to rest,” says Richardson of Shane Mosley. Getting proper rest and taking days off is part of what helps your muscles repair and grow.  If you feel tired and sluggish and aren’t excited about your workout, you may be over-training.

Find a partner
Having someone to push you in the gym can help you bust through plateaus and reach your goals.  Even elite athletes need someone to give them that extra burst of motivation to get through a tough workout.  “He doesn’t hit the pads at his pace—he hits them at my pace,” says Floyd Mayweather’s trainer.

Lighten the load
Mayweather uses body weight exercises and a series of medicine ball movements to keep his upper body strong.  Mixing up your standard weight lifting routine with body weight movements can help challenge your core strength and balance.

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