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Sex and the City: Kim Cattrall  Diet

Kim Cattrall is well known as Samantha Jones, the ultimate cougar on the mega-hit HBO series Sex and the City. Although Kim is the sexiest lady the city, she is also the oldest. At age 53, Kim Cattrall provides inspiration for young and old alike, proving that you can stay hot despite your years. Check out Kim in her latest film, The Ghost Writer, which premiers in theaters this weekend.

When it comes to working out, Kim enjoys the overall toning effect of Pilates. More specifically, Kim enjoys Gyro-lates, which is a combination of machine-based Pilates, yoga, dance, swimming, and t’ai chi. Kim also says, “I do easy exercises to lose weight, as much as I can. If I don’t exercise, I feel sluggish. I try to do 30 minutes a day. If I can’t get to a gym, I walk. I find it a release.”

Despite Kim’s workout routine, there is no substitute for a healthy diet when it comes to looking young. Eating healthily improves skin, hair, weight, and overall energy levels. Kim eats a diet of about 2,000 calories per day. She eats vegetables with every meal and drinks plenty of tea, which is known for its anti-aging antioxidants. She also eats healthy oils from sources such as olive oil and fish. When Kim needs to drop a few extra pounds, she says “I stop the bread and alcohol.”

Check out a typical daily diet in the life of Kim Cattrall, as provided to People magazine:

Glass of papaya juice
One multivitamin, plus vitamin C
English muffin with a pat of butter, slice of aged cheddar cheese, fresh tomato slice and sprinkle of kosher salt

Morning Snack
Glass of unsweetened iced tea

Gazpacho with a wedge of French bread
6 oz. filet of braised cod
Small side salad with olive oil dressing
Glass of unsweetened iced tea
Crème caramel for dessert

Afternoon Snack
Can of diet soda

Glass of Chardonnay
Salad with blue cheese dressing
Chicken breast with green beans

If Samantha from Sex and the City isn’t quite your speed, check out Charlotte’s workout. Charlotte, played by Kristen Davis, is a little younger than Kim, but no less inspirational!

Source 1: MSN Style

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