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It’s Fitness Week on the popular morning talk show Live with Regis and Kelly, so today we are looking at what the extremely fit co-host Killy Ripa does to keep her body in tip-top shape.  Her secret…Physique 57.

An hour long group fitness class, Physigue 57 aims to sculpt muscles by combining Pilates, ballet, and traditional calisthenics.  The class is fast paced and uses a combination of dumbbell and isometric moves.

“I’m totally hooked on this sculpting class I discovered at [New York City gym] Physique 57,” Ripa told Fitness. “It has transformed my body in ways I never thought possible.”

“I saw a difference physically within five classes,” said Ripa, who does the Physique 57 workouts at least four times a week. “I’m a short person, but I’m becoming longer and leaner. The class works your glutes, your abs, and your obliques. It’s all about building muscle, then stretching it out. I’ve never been addicted to something like this.”

Ripa rarely takes a day off, and also runs at least three miles per day, five days a week.

Physique 57 now has three DVDs available so you too can get ripped like Ripa in the comfort of your own home.

For a sample workout from Physique 57 keep reading…

Check back later this week for more updates on Kelly from Fitness Week on Live.


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