How Celebrities Get Fit Without Hitting the Gym

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Going to the gym can feel like a grind. Running or biking in place often loses its appeal after the first few miles. What happened to the days when exercise was fun? Think back to when you were a kid – what fun ways did you stay active? Biking around the block, going to your friend’s roller skating birthday party, and jumping on a trampoline are just a few ways we stayed active as kids. We didn’t even realize it was a workout! According to Us Weekly, many celebrities have also grown tired of the gym workout.  Check out how these five gym free celebrity workouts !

Actress Marisa Tomei says, “I hula-hoop a lot. [It's great because you're using your core muscles. . . I started two years ago, [and] I found it kind of shimmied everything into place.” Hula-hooping burns 100 calories per hour – just as much as running! If you want to hoop at home, check out actress Marisa Tomei’s hula-hooping DVD. There are other great hooping DVDs on the market – check out hooping pro Betty Shurin’s Dance Hoop Workout.

Model Carmen Electra says, “I dance a lot [out at clubs]. . . . I was dancing late last night! It burns a lot of calories – and it’s just good to get moving.” Dancing is a great workout. Celebrities including Kelly Osbourne, Pamela Anderson, Erin Andrews, and Nicole Scherzinger have all blasted major calories during dance rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars. Check out this dance workout you can do at home!

Comedian Margaret Cho says, “[Instead of the spinning classes I used to do every day, now I go to belly-dancing classes.] It’s not drudgery, like going to the gym.” Another celebrity fan of belly-dancing is 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord. She doesn’t even own a gym membership! You can buy belly-dancing DVDs online, or even rent them at your public library.

Actress Kate Bosworth says, “I horseback-ride about five days a week. It’s pretty full-on exercise. . . . especially for the arms. That’s what works for me.”

Finally, actress Melissa George says, “I was a champion roller skater; I’m talking hard-core jumps and spins. Instill fitness [like that] and your body is going to be great forever.” If you live near the beach, try renting skates and taking them for a spin on the boardwalk. If you can’t make it to the beach, check out your local roller rink or ice-skate during the winter!

Keep checking back for more celebrity workouts.

Source: Us Weekly Issue 797, May 24, 2010

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