House’s Resident Hottie, Olivia Wilde, Stays Slim

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olivia wilde 021 Houses Resident Hottie, Olivia Wilde, Stays Slim celebrity fitness celebrity diets When the Fox medical drama House returns tonight, loyal fans will tune in to catch-up with their favorite sexy doctor, played by actress Olivia Wilde. As one of the sexiest doctors on TV, her diet and workout allow Olivia Wilde to eat right, stay balanced, and keep her body in top form.

When it comes to diet, Olivia is a self-described “sort-of vegetarian who eats fish.” Although she rebuffs meat, and avoids bread and pasta as much as possible, she does not always succeed. Avoiding bread and pasta is especially difficult due to her Italian husband, Tao. Additionally, cheese and good wine are staples in their Venice Beach loft.

Although it sounds as if Olivia Wilde follows a strict diet, she tries to keep up a relaxed approach to eating. Olivia says, “I don’t own a scale, and Tao banned the word fat from our house.” “If we eat too much, we say, ‘I feel clogged up.’” When following any diet, it is important to maintain a healthy attitude towards food. Creating too much pressure can eventually cause unhealthy eating habits followed by guilt or remorse.

As for maintaining her slim, healthy body, Olivia tries to workout daily. She enjoys spinning at a studio near her Venice Beach home, but laughs because she is so close to an outdoor workout at the beach. “I make fun of it, but it’s amazing, because you have to push yourself through this resistance, which is so therapeutic,” she says. “And they say you can burn nearly 800 calories in, like, 45 minutes if you push it to the highest level.” However, her workout is not limited to the gym.  Her workout routine also includes yoga, karate, and hiking with her dogs Lola and Paco.

As long as Olivia Wilde continues to diet and workout like this, she will continue being one of the sexiest doctors on TV.

Source: Women’s Health

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