Grant Hill’s Career-Changing Diet Tips

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Grant Hill's Career Changing Diet Tips

Plagued by injury for a good part of his time in the NBA, Phoenix Suns‘ forward Grant Hill credits his new diet for his recent resurgence.  Last year, at the age of 36, Hill played in all 82 games for the first time in his career.  He followed that up this season by starting in 81 of the Suns’ 82 games.

“When I was a rookie with the Pistons in ’94 I ate whatever I wanted.  Pregame, I’d stop at this street with five fast-food joints and go ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.’  My second year, I hired a chef.  I thought home-cooked meals would improve my diet.  Instead, I ate a lot of steaks, pastas, and heavy cream sauces, and Kool-Aid.  It was always in the fridge,” says Hill.

Hill has now changed his diet to include more fish, fruits and vegetables.  He attributes his ability to keep up with the younger guys in the NBA to his healthy eating.

Here are some diet tips Grant Hill shared in the May 2010 edition of Men’s Fitness…

Don’t Be Drastic
“If you want to improve how you eat, make a few subtle changes to your diet first.  Don’t just go hardcore all at once or you’re likely to fall off the wagon.’

Drink Nothing But Water
“That means no soda, coffee, or juice.  You’ll find it hard to do, but most of us walk around dehydrated because we don’t drink the right stuff.”

Stay Away From Processed Foods
“It can be an almost impossible challenge, but its worth it.  For starters, try to eat foods without labels, then go organic when you can.”

Cheat on Occasion
“You’ve got to afford yourself a luxury from time to time.  Think of it as a reward for all your hard work.  I’ll have a cookie, but not every single night.  It’s like once a month.”

A Sample Day of Eating for Hill

Breakfast – Oatmeal waffles with flaxseed oil and agave nectar
Snack – Goji Berries and almonds
Lunch – Miso soup and fresh fruit
Pre-Game – Fish or Chicken and salad

Hill doesn’t mention what he eats for post-game recovery, but we are certain he maintains his healthy balanced eating approach after the game as well.  it is important to remember that your post-workout nutrition is vital to re-fueling and re-building your body.

Grant Hill and the Suns start the first round of the NBA playoffs this weekend against the Trailblazers.  For more information on basketball training tips check out our previous post on the North Carolina Tar Heels workout program and Lebron James’ workout.

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