Glee Star Lea Michele Shares her Top 6 Health Tips

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The fan-favorite musical dramedy Glee airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Fox. The theme of this week’s episode was body image and self esteem. In honor of that important topic, we want to share Glee star Lea Michele’s top 6 health tips, which make her feel great in the image obsessed entertainment industry. Check out what Lea Michele’s “health counselor” Devon Butler told Women’s Health Magazine!

1. Lea Michele relies on yoga to relax. Devon says, “We do a lot of yoga during red-carpet season.” “Lea has so much attention on her, and this is so calming.” Lea enjoys hot yoga because the heated studio provides deeper stretching and improves her stress relief.

2. Devon varies Lea’s routine by incorporating short bursts of cardio into her workout. He says, “Just think of it like a roller coaster: It takes more energy to go up, up, up and then drop for a bit than to stay at the same level.” “It burns more sugars, which ends up leaning you out.” For example, Lea will walk at a speed of four miles per hour at a 10 incline for three or four minutes.

3. When Lea is short on time, she fits in a quick medicine ball workout. “She holds a six-pound ball to her chest, squats down, and as she stands up, she throws the ball to me. I’m standing 15 feet away, so it’s a long throw.” “She’ll do three sets of 20. It really gets her heart rate up.”

4. Lea Michele recently became a vegan and is well known for following the diet. It increases her energy and makes her feel great. For breakfast she often enjoys steel-cut oatmeal made with soy milk, for added protein. When she munches on a tofu scramble, she says, “I’ll add in salsa and a piece of avocado” for flavor. Lots of celebs have given up meat – check it out!

5. When Lea became a vegan and cleansed her body, she also cut back on coffee. She says, “I detoxed and it was difficult.” Now, Lea will have one cup of joe in the morning and yerba mate tea in the afternoon, if she needs an extra boost.

6. Finally, when she is hungry Lea Michele eats healthy snacks. She says, “I snack on fruit, carrots, celery, and hummus.” “I don’t really like nuts, so I get my protein from tofu and black beans.” For more healthy snack ideas, click here.

For more on Lea Michele’s eating habits, check out this Examiner article!

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