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Black Eyed Peas leading lady Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson has topped the 13th annual “Famed Hottest Looks” list as having Hollywood’s most desired figure.  Of course the songstress has been “working on her fitness” since well before she sang about it in 2006.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen took the 2nd spot, with House star Olivia Wilde rounding out the top 3.

Best body on the male side went to Hugh Jackman, with Eric Dane and Matthew McConaughey following.

Last year’s winner, Jennifer Aniston, didn’t crack the top three on the list compiled by Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Richard W. Fleming, M.D. and Toby G. Mayer, M.D.  The doctors keep track of the most requested celebrity body parts and release the list each year.

“Fergie’s body is proportional – that’s really the key,” Dr. Fleming told Tarts. “ Women like Jennifer Aniston and Eva Longoria have topped the “best body” list in the past. They’re not as curvy as Fergie is, but they’re all proportional.”

“It amazes me that people’s concepts of beauty hasn’t changed that much over the years; what people are requesting in terms of beauty has been pretty consistent with us. Our patients want to look natural and proportional,” Fleming added. “It surprises me that despite the exaggerated appearances like Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson, what people really desire is to look natural and not overdone. “

Fergie got here with the help of nutritionist and creator of Diet Designs Carrie Wiatt. “Fergie restricts her carb intake at night,” Wiatt told Life & Style magazine. “That means avoiding carbs at dinner and doubling up on veggies — and having three small snacks during the day to prevent overeating at mealtimes.” Fergie sticks to a 1,600 calorie-per-day diet. “She usually opts for hunger-blasting ingredients like protein-rich chicken, omega-3-rich pine nuts, fiber-filled grapefruit and healthy fats from avocado,” said Wiatt.

Several other fit females who have been featured on The Celebrity Workout also made the list, including Taylor Swift (Hair), Jennifer Garner (Cheeks), Megan Fox (Eyes), Jessica Alba (Lips), Halle Berry (Jawline/Chin), Jennifer Lopez (Jawline/Chin), and Heidi Klum (Skin).

Check out the gallery of Hollywood’s most desired female features.

Source: Fox News

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