How Drew Barrymore Dropped 20 lbs. and Kept It Off

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Drew Barrymore has always been proud of her curves, but in 2004 she realized she needed to workout and diet to feel healthy. She lost 20 lbs. and six years later, Drew has proven it is possible to lose weight and keep it off while following a reasonable diet and workout routine. To see Drew’s results for yourself, check her out in her latest film, Everybody’s Fine, which released on DVD this Tuesday.

Drew has never been a fan of Hollywood the fad diet, and finds that sensible, sustainable eating leads to long-term weight loss. Prior to 2004, Drew says, “I was a full vegetarian, living on carbs.” Now, “I eat more protein. If I want that pasta, I’m gonna have it though! I don’t eat a ton of meat, but if my body needs some, then I’ll eat it. When I don’t feel good about myself, I’ll eat healthier or eat a little less.” Drew eats three meals per day, consisting mostly of organic fruit and vegetables. Drew also drinks a lot of water and takes vitamin C, which keeps her skin looking luminous.

Although a vegetarian diet wasn’t right for Drew, check out other stars, including Olivia Wilde and Kristen Bell, who say a diet without meat helps them stay slim and feel healthy. The USDA also has some helpful tips for creating a healthy, balanced vegetarian diet.

Drew’s diet helped her lose weight, but Drew feels the most important change was adding exercise to her weekly routine. Drew says, “I didn’t exercise before, but ever since I started, my body has really changed.” She jokes, “it turns out those people who say exercise is good for you are right. I hate that!” Drew’s favorite workout is running because she finds it an outlet. She runs about five miles, three days per week. Drew also enjoys the Bar Method, a workout combining yoga, pilates, and other exercises. Finally, Drew enjoys walking, biking, dancing, swimming, and even mini-golf. ”It doesn’t matter how you raise a sweat,” she says, “so long as you have fun doing it!”

Check out Drew’s daily diet and weekly workout routines, provided to Woman’s Day:

Drew’s Daily diet

Fresh organic fruit salad
Brown toast spread thinly with peanut butter

Sugar-free jello

Grilled chicken, jacket potato and salad
Green vegetable salad

2 liters of water per day

Grilled turkey fillet with rice, tomato and mixed peppers
A small serving of pasta with a light sauce

Drew’s Weekly Workouts

Sessions per week
Five 45-minute workouts

Suggested exercise

  • 45 minutes outdoor running
  • 45 minutes fast walking
  • 45 minutes cycling
  • 45 minutes swimming or dancing

Source: People

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