CSI’s Eads Hits the Gym to Rehab Back

by Nate

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George Eads 300x271 CSIs Eads Hits the Gym to Rehab Back role preparation celebrity workouts CSI’s George Eads is on the cover of the latest Men’s Fitness magazine and shares his story about how he stays in shape for his role as tough guy investigator Nick Stokes on the popular crime drama.  Here are some highlights from the MF article:

  • Last year Eads had a spinal fusion to repair a broken back that he unknowingly had for nearly 13 years.
  • As a man accustomed to an active lifestyle Eads admits he thought his life was over when he found out he needed the surgery but he says “Amending your lifestyle is sobering.  And working out has become my solace.  The gym made me not give up.”
  • Post-op Eads spent a lot of time in the pool to help speed up recovery and also hired a personal chef.
  • Today he works out 4 days a week doing a combination of weights and cardio, including the stationary bike.  He also takes weekend hikes and had continued with swimming.
  • Eads says of his comeback, “It takes alot of discipline, but discipline equals freedom….I have a responsibility to the fans who tune in every week to stay in shape and to bring it.  Every week.”

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