Chase Utley Discusses His Workout and Diet

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Chase Utley discusses his workouts and his diet.

The 2010 MLB campaign is only a few weeks away.  We recently took a peek at Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox. Today, we take a look at Second Baseman Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies, who is fresh off of two consecutive World Series appearances.  What are Chase Utley and the Phillies’ chances this year? Well if it has anything to do with his Utley’s workout ethic and dietary discipline, the City of Brotherly Love might just be hosting another World Series this October.

At the gym, Utley focuses on his core more than anything else. In particular, he’ll use just about anything to work on his core including bungee cords, swiss balls, medicine balls, and negative impulse training. Utley also notes that “come end of the offseason when I’m feeling good about my workouts, I’ll do some pull ups all day long – those are fun.”

He says he isn’t too concerned about working on his baseball skills during his workouts, but instead is concerned with being a better, stronger, faster athlete. Indeed, according to Utley: “My whole goal every year is to improve. Get stronger, quicker, and become a better player. Occasionally, I sneak a homer out of the park.”

Utley noted that one of the best tools you can have at the gym is someone, like a trainer or a spotter, who can motivate you and tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

Another tip from Utley: Stay as positive as possible. Utley points out that even the best players in baseball fail seventy-percent of the time. So it’s important to deal with failure and continue to stay motivated and remain positive.

Ultey also discussed his diet with Men’s Fitness. He mentioned that he tries to come into spring training a little heavier than usual because he knows he’ll lose the weight during the season. As for a specific meal plan:

I like chicken and some fruits and vegetables. Over the past five years I’ve adjusted my diet here and there. I stay away from soda. The only liquid I put it my body is water. I think nutrition is extremely important. The healthier you eat, the better your body will respond to athletic competition.

Here’s an interview with Chase Utley in which he discusses he training goals.

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