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Audrina Patridge and other celebrities tweet about their workouts.

Here are the latest celebrity workouts on Twitter

@LFitgerald11 – About to walk into the facility to get my workout in for today. Go hard or go home! Trying to get better every day. FFF
@bubbawatson – Finished workout! Meow off the willow creek to practice putting (put a new grip on, time to see if it works)
@OfficialAudrina – Just got home!! Went hiking w/steph and lo!! For a couple hours haha skipping my workout session tomorrow.
@shawnemerriman – #TheresNothingLike an old school garage workout
@MissKeriBaby – SO sore frm yesterday’s workout but I’m still gonna creep up this canyon 2day B4 studio. Can’t hide the lil debbies…it’s summer!
@JonSecada – NOT in the mood to workout today,but… Ok, don ‘t think,don’t think, just go..
@tinselkorey – 4 all of you who wanted 2 workout as a goal, I didn’t want 2 do mine 2day but I did. So muster up the energy n at least do some/all of it.
@HaylieK – had a great @piloxing class this morning with @sarahstage …i love getting up early to workout and have SAR-HA adventures!
@JeremyShockey – get this workout out of the way!! then fishing time……
@brookeburke – debating on rushing to a workout class before my shoot?!?
@kirstiealley – I’m sweating like a P90X pig!! even after my bath I pour…not a pretty picture, but I’m turning into a workout badass…so F the sweat!
@genesimmons – Started the day with a killer cardio workout…bushed. Then rehearsed with KISS for Euro Tour (starting May 1st) Tomorrow, more… & more.
@stephaniepratt – Work is over- time to workout w @alisheanoel this is my 4th day in a row! Getting pool party ready!! Tao beach this sunday!
@pink – Big workout- nails did- bikram yoga- and a “surprise” later from @hartluck… Did I hit the lottery?
@MissKellyO – making @blake_wood workout with me….. we both hate it and its really funny!
@IAMQUEENLATIFAH – Gotta get back on my yoga game
@hartluck – Did my 2nd bicram yoga class w/ @pink. Imagine how cool I look ridin down da street on my chopper w/ my yoga matt hangin out my backpack!
@MISSMYA – Surprisingly, I’m not sore like I was expecting to be. Yoga helped stretch out the muscles-thank goodness!
@TheEllenShow – Did y’all see my entrance onto the show? All that yoga is paying off. http://su.pr/2eeVDT
@asherroth – any PYT’s in NYC want to be yoga partner?
@lisarinna – Off to the gym to train with @jeffdeperon Lucky me!!!!
@joshgrobanGym time hits overdrive for album shoot…this is definitely a topless album. Both on the cover and on stage. Topless. Always. Forever.
@MichaelChiklisBike ride in the desert!
@elizadushku – Just landed in Fla.! Am I ready for this triathlon..?! Lol. Swim, bike, run. Hm. Want, take, have. Got it!

Stay tuned for even more celebrity workouts on Twitter…

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