Blake Lively’s Gossip Worthy Workout for Green Lantern

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Gossip Girl Blake Lively: Workout and Diet for Green Lantern

Tonight the season finale of mega-hit teen-drama Gossip Girl airs on the CW, and fans eagerly wait to see how the drama will unfold. Blake Lively, who plays Serena on the show, is naturally stunning but recently amped up her workout and improved her diet.

Why these sudden changes? Blake Lively needed to prepare for her role opposite mega-hunk Ryan Reynolds in 2011′s Green Lantern. Check out Blake tonight on Gossip Girl and read on to learn how she sculpted her already hot body.

Blake Lively admits she is often too busy for the gym. Generally, Blake says “If I can’t fit in my jeans, I eat a little better.” She is so busy on Gossip Girl that she says “work is my workout.” To prepare for her stunts in Green Lantern, Blake teamed up with celebrity trainer Bobby Strom. After three weeks in the gym and eating a healthy diet, Blake Lively could finally see her ab muscles! But only time will tell if Blake’s abs can compete with Ryan Reynolds’ abs of steel.

Blake Lively’s Workout

Blake Lively completed four 90-minute circuit training workout sessions per week to prepare for her role in Green Lantern. Her trainer Bobby used pushups, planks, and walking lunges to strengthen her core. For another Gossip worthy workout, check out Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester’s easy exercise tips.

Blake Lively’s Diet

Overall, Blake Lively says “I try to eat what gives me energy.”

Blake Lively ate a healthy protein-rich diet to slim down for Green Lantern. For breakfast, her diet consisted of oatmeal with a handful of blueberries. Lunch was a salad with chicken and balsamic vinaigrette. For dinner, she ate fish with vegetables. Blake Lively also includes organic snacks from Kopali Organics in her diet. These snacks include dried fruits, dark chocolate-covered bananas, and a berry-nut mix. Even better, all the snacks are free of sulfites and sugar.

Source: Us Weekly Issue 796, May 17, 2010

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